Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Works by Rex Peters and Bernie Lopez

Bernie Lopez, Rex Peters: New Works
Both Bernie Lopez and Rex Peters are master craftsmen. Many people are drawn to the warmth and charm of the natural, local wood-turned works of Rex Peters, while Bernie Lopez’s fine acrylic paintings are startling when one realizes that these meticulous artworks on canvas are not photographs!
 “As an artist, I enjoy rendering Nature in a way that introduces the viewer to a different perspective of my subject.” –Bernie Lopez 
While growing up in Escondido, California, Lopez was drawn to the natural world around him.   At an early age he started sketching his observations of Nature and discovered his passion for art. In his 20’s, Lopez traveled the western United States absorbing the beautiful scenery he witnessed. Inspired by his journeys, Lopez began painting realistic landscapes modeled after the photographs he had captured during his travels. As his painting explorations continued, Lopez began to include abstract elements in his work. Ultimately, he invented a unique painting style that merges his interest in both abstract and realistic elements. In “New Works,” Lopez dazzles viewers with his precise depictions of natural forms.
 “I design my work with simple lines, often inspired by classic shapes, to display the natural beauty of each piece of wood.” –Rex Peters
Peters began his journey with fine woodworking in 1988. After much practice, he taught himself to turn a bowl. Now, he frequently chooses local woods, often earmarked for the burn pile, as his medium. In them, he sees potential as works of fine art.
Peters’ first step in turning a block of wood into a bowl or box is to cut, using a chain saw and then a band saw, a chunk of wood the approximate size of his envisioned project. Peters then gradually changes the block of wood into a pleasing, refined shape. During each step Peters follows his intuition in response to the wood’s natural beauty. Besides being functional, his turned bowls and boxes are meant to give both visual and tactile pleasure to the viewer. His works highlight the natural grain, the color, and the textures inherent within each rough- cut piece of wood. Some of Peters’ works receive a decorative edge of inlaid turquoise; others display turquoise inlaid symbols; yet others are embellished with hand-twisted inlaid copper wire. All pieces receive a fine sanding and light rub of food safe walnut oil to further enhance and finish the piece.
Perhaps both of these fine craftsmen are motivated by the desire to share their unique artistic visions. “New Works” runs March 4-April 27, with an Art Walk reception for the artists on March 5 from 5-8pm. Refreshments will be served.
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery            502 Main St.        928-639-4276

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dreams of the Carbon Base: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More

“Dreams of the Carbon Base: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More

Mark Galen Lucas creates works of art that are simultaneously delicate and complex.  His sculptures are intended to create an aesthetic that impacts feelings while encouraging contemplation.

Mr. Lucas is a self-taught artist who has always been interested in science, especially microbiology and anatomy. A display that he saw at the American Museum of Natural History in New York some years ago continues to inspire his work.  That display, featuring large glass recreations of organisms, propelled him to further explore different life forms in his own glass works.

Mr. Lucas is a lamp-worked glass artist, one who uses a table-mounted torch to melt and fuse glass to create his visions.  About this process he comments, “I often find myself day dreaming while working the glass rods with the torch. I am fascinated with the effects that heat, gravity and centrifugal forces have on the glass rods.” 

While forming sculptures, Mr. Lucas is continually thinking, even dreaming, of life and evolution and what the world will be like in the future. He considers the many ways that man is impacting nature now and questions the prudence of some of those actions.   He also references branching and repeating patterns in nature.   “These patterns,” he notes, “are always floating around in my head, changing and evolving, while I work.”   And while he works, he contemplates where life is headed and the effects of evolution.

“Dreams of the Carbon Base: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More”
Opens January 2 with an Art Walk reception from 5-8pm.
Show runs Jan.2-March 2.  Daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery
502 Main St. Jerome
928-639-4276          info@jeromecoop.com                www.jeromecoop.com

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jerome Artist Holiday Show 2015

At the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery we are blessed to be artists doing that which we love. Doing what we love fosters within us feelings of gratefulness and joyfulness.  At the Jerome Co-op you’ll meet the artists themselves when you visit the Gallery.  With thirty-five members, you’ll meet interesting people and see the variety of works they create. You’ll also have options for choosing unique handmade gifts for your friends and family members this Holiday Season.
For example, Jerome resident and mosaic artist Janet Farwell has created a unique version of her mosaic pendants which are referred to as eggshell mosaics. The eggshell mosaics are embellished with alcohol ink, copper wire and copper BB’s.
Batik and mixed media artist, Marjorie Claus, likes to celebrate the holidays with unique and colorful fabrics. Her holiday table runners and silk scarves are individually hand dyed, colorful and festive. Her framed holiday batiks also acknowledge the season.
There will be a unique display of Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and holiday items that aren’t usually sold in the Co-op during the rest of the year. Since the Holiday Show is an opportunity for members to display and sell items that are not in their general line of works offered at the Co-op, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with.
All of the artworks at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery are hand made by local artists who live within the region. The Co-op is open every day of the year except on Christmas Day. For our visitors, this means they are guaranteed to meet the artists themselves when they visit and shop at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.
2015 “Holiday Show” runs from Dec. 4- Dec. 30, 10 AM – 6 PM Daily.
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery          502 N. Main St.