Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery celebrates Jerome’s First Saturday Art walk with an all-member show aptly entitled, “Ringing in the New Year!” Co-op members are encouraged to display new work which may include work outside their currently juried mediums. This relaxation of media types broadens the range of techniques available to the membership to explore as they share their results during their “Ringing in the New Year” event.
Chris Ryback, a multi-talented artist, takes big steps outside her current work in the Gallery with the introduction of her woven necklace and earring set. This sparkly match invites a glamourous mood and can be worn on any occasion. Made with Czech glass beads and metallic yarn, Chris relates that, “It was a slow process, because the weaving is so tightly done.”
Mark Foltz created a little beauty to add to his line of gourd art at the gallery with his new “Three Feathers” gourd, measuring a mere 6.5” in diameter.  Most of Mark Foltz’s gourd art is extremely detailed, and visitors are amazed at their complexity. “Three Feathers” is no exception.
Florence Flynn, a Co-op member for just over 9 months, shares a surprising point of view which causes visitors to smile and take note. “‘Cactus Man’ is a Prickly Dude,” says Flynn, “and his friend ‘Goofy Bird’ keeps him in line and brings smiles of wonderment to those who pass him by. “Cactus Man,” she continues, “is part of a series which involves the challenge of working with mannequins to create interesting characters using mixed media on forms. My inner voice keeps repeating: ‘If you paint it, you must sculpt it; if you paint it, you must sculpt it’.” Flynn’s inner voice mantra helps keep her work fresh by encouraging her to explore each of her subjects in depth through multiple approaches. It’s this type of exploration of a subject that heightens Flynn’s awareness and sensitivity to her surroundings. “Now that ‘Cactus Man’ is complete,” Flynn confides, “I envision a whole line of ‘Friends of Cactus Man’ just waiting to emerge.”
“Ringing in the New Year” opens with a reception for the artists on Jan. 6 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, 502 N. Main Street, ground floor of the old Hotel Jerome. Refreshments will be served. Open Daily 10am-6pm.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jerome Co-op Celebrates with Members’ Holiday Show

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery kicks off the Holiday season with their 21st Annual All-Members’ Holiday Show on Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk, Dec. 2, from 5-8 pm at the Gallery in the Old Hotel Jerome.
All Co-op members are juried into the gallery in specific categories of art mediums so that a diversity of artwork is displayed all year throughout the gallery. During both their Summer Show and their Annual Holiday Show however, members may display any type of artwork they wish. This is very fun for the members, as it provides an opportunity to show work that they are already proficient in but are not juried in for; or maybe they are exploring a new technique or simply just wanting to try something new in a completely different medium. Whatever the reason, the Holiday Show provides an opportunity for them to do just that. When viewing artwork in the Members’ Show, gallery members themselves often exclaim, “Who did that?” because the work may be so different from what they are used to seeing in the gallery.
For example, Janet Farwell said, “I wanted to create something new for the Holiday Show this year. My own home is always filled with handmade Christmas decorations which are very meaningful to me; from pine cone wreaths made by one grandmother to a felt table cover made by the other. This year I decided to create miniature Christmas rooms that others might enjoy year after year as they decorate their own homes.” For Janet, finding the appropriate materials to embellish her miniature rooms was the fun part. The little rooms needed “just the right wall paper” and “just the right treasures” to put on the tiny mantels or under the little Christmas trees. In the end, she mosaicked the miniature fireplaces (her juried media in the Co-op,) and when it all came together, she had created precious whimsical environments that will set off mantels in any home during the holiday season.

V. Norton describes her love of sculpting the human face. “The character of the visage emerges,” she states, “as I mold the clay.” Inspired by both the past and the present, V. Norton mainly draws on her own imagination when creating her figures. As a high fire clay artist, V. Norton also understands the historical importance of turquoise, both in color and gemstones. Turquoise stones are used right up to the present in art and dress by both men and women. She uses a high fire turquoise glaze on the figures, and an oxide stain on their faces. Sculptures can be purchased as a set, or individually. 

Marjorie Claus draws on childhood memories as well when thinking of the holidays. “Horses have always been a part of my life and my art,” she points out, “but the carousel horse is a new version of horse for me. I used to love riding on carousel horses, and still love their intense color and forms. My intention with ‘Carousel Pony’ is to capture the historical celebration of the carousel in a new way bringing a modern look to it.”

When it comes to choosing art for yourself, your home, or gifts for the Holiday season, the Jerome Co-op is a great place to visit. Visitors will enjoy the exciting, festive options for unique, locally made gift items, home décor items, jewelry, wearables and greeting cards. Refreshments will be served. Dec. 2 from 5-8pm.
The show runs Dec 2-Feb 29. Open Daily from 10-6 excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Seeing the Unseen - Birgitta Lapides Featured Artist

“Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides”
Best known, perhaps, for her colorful landscape collages, Cottonwood artist Birgitta Lapides is also widely recognized as a painter of stunning abstract canvases of enduring power. “Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides,” a solo exhibition of new work, opens on October 7 from 5-8 p.m. at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, during Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk.
Combining a deft eye for color and an unusual aptitude for creating ever-new approaches to composition, Lapides’ new work displays a seemingly inexhaustible fund of novel ideas and colors that hint at early modernists painters such as Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. “Indeed,” Lapides acknowledges, “both masterful artists have had an influence on my work.”
“My background as a weaver and textile clothing designer,” Birgitta recalls, “also had an early influence on my current approach to painting. I lived for many years in an old coastal town in southern France, where I produced and sold my original designs of hand-woven and hand-painted garments from my shop in an old historic building. The brilliant colors of the near-by sea, the beauty of the sky and the deep tones of the earth along the Mediterranean entered indelibly into my creative imagination,” she confides. “This background lives unconsciously in my contemporary paintings.”  
Lapides first learned weaving as a young woman in her homeland of Sweden. Later, she attended the prestigious L’Ecôle Superieur D’Architecture et L’Art Appliqué in Brussels. After that, she transferred to Pratt Institute in New York City where she received a degree in textile design. Even later, in France, she studied painting at the Ecôle des Beaux-Arts in Cannes.
Currently, Birgitta Lapides lives with her husband in Cottonwood, and has been a resident of the Verde Valley since 1996. She shows her work at the Sedona Arts Center, at Eisenart Innovations in Tiaquepaque, and at Zen Mountain Gallery in Jerome. Additionally, Lapides has been a member of the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery since January 1997, and currently shows her hand-made ear rings, hand-woven jackets and vests, as well as her paintings at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.
When asked to comment on the title of her show, “Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides,” she explained, “When I’m painting my landscape collages, I am creating an image that is in part drawn from my imagination, and in part drawn from my experience of living in Arizona; therefore, the result is seeing something that is both familiar and imaginative at the same time—it is seeing the familiar differently. My abstract paintings, on the other hand, are completely drawn from my imagination—meaning, they are the result of a visualization process that does not begin in the visible world—they really begin in my imagination; therefore, I’m seeing the unseen.”
“I see myself as an intuitive, experimental painter. I don’t want to know ahead how the painting will look when it is finished, because, for me, painting is a journey, a discovery, and that is what makes the process of painting so interesting to me.”
“Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides” opens Saturday, October 7, with a reception for the artist from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments will be served.   
The show runs thru November 29.

The artist’s website:
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery    502 N. Main Street in the old Hotel Jerome
Open Daily 10-6    928-639-4276