Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Delving: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery kicks off a solo exhibition of new work by Jerome based glass artist, Mark Galen Lucas, on May 5. A reception for the artist is from 5-8 pm during Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery on the ground floor of the historic Hotel Jerome.
The show’s title, “Delving: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More,” aptly describes Mark Galen Lucas’ approach to art as well as life. “When I start a project,” Lucas confides, “I tend to obsess and dive in, allowing it to totally encompass my mind and my time.” With such deep dives, it’s inevitable that both the light and the dark sides of life are likely to surface. Lucas feels it’s important to examine all areas of life to better understand who we truly are.
Mark Galen Lucas works mostly with a torch and borosilicate glass. He has been working in glass for eighteen years having started his career when he was eighteen years old. One astonishing feature about Lucas’ glass art is that his figures are full scale life-size works of art. In “Delving: Contemporary Sculpture in Glass and More,” you will witness an intense cobalt blue glass female form standing upright. This figure alone has taken Lucas over four months to complete. The show runs May 5 to July 4. The Jerome Co-op is open daily from 10-6.

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery               502 Main Street          928-639-4276

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Every Little Thing, Wanda Wood

“Every Little Thing” featuring Wanda Wood at the Co-op
The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery presents Wanda Wood’s featured solo exhibition entitled, “Every Little Thing.” Due to Wood’s range of interests and expertise, she is so excited to share it all with you during her upcoming show!
Wanda Wood is well known for her oil and pastel paintings in the Co-op and presents a wide range of new works in this show. Shortly after starting with oils in 1969, Wood became enthralled with pastels after discovering sanded paper. Wood primarily uses a specialty paper from Germany that has a very fine tooth specifically for pastel artists. “Developing a landscape or portrait on sanded paper brings out a depth of color and a feeling that is beautiful and unique to pastel painting.”
In addition to her paintings in oil and pastel, Wanda Wood broadens her perspective to include her interests in weaving. Wood’s assortment of baskets includes pine needle baskets and reed-woven baskets. Some will be made using Irish wax linen thread.
“I just love the way the small baskets look and feel,” comments Wood, “I love making them! Some of them are so small that you just have to love them to give them the time and attention they require to make them so tiny.”
A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, March 3 from 5-8 pm in the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery located on the ground floor of the old Hotel Jerome. Refreshments will be served. The show runs through May 2.
The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery       502 N. Main St.        Open Daily 10-6

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery celebrates Jerome’s First Saturday Art walk with an all-member show aptly entitled, “Ringing in the New Year!” Co-op members are encouraged to display new work which may include work outside their currently juried mediums. This relaxation of media types broadens the range of techniques available to the membership to explore as they share their results during their “Ringing in the New Year” event.
Chris Ryback, a multi-talented artist, takes big steps outside her current work in the Gallery with the introduction of her woven necklace and earring set. This sparkly match invites a glamourous mood and can be worn on any occasion. Made with Czech glass beads and metallic yarn, Chris relates that, “It was a slow process, because the weaving is so tightly done.”
Mark Foltz created a little beauty to add to his line of gourd art at the gallery with his new “Three Feathers” gourd, measuring a mere 6.5” in diameter.  Most of Mark Foltz’s gourd art is extremely detailed, and visitors are amazed at their complexity. “Three Feathers” is no exception.
Florence Flynn, a Co-op member for just over 9 months, shares a surprising point of view which causes visitors to smile and take note. “‘Cactus Man’ is a Prickly Dude,” says Flynn, “and his friend ‘Goofy Bird’ keeps him in line and brings smiles of wonderment to those who pass him by. “Cactus Man,” she continues, “is part of a series which involves the challenge of working with mannequins to create interesting characters using mixed media on forms. My inner voice keeps repeating: ‘If you paint it, you must sculpt it; if you paint it, you must sculpt it’.” Flynn’s inner voice mantra helps keep her work fresh by encouraging her to explore each of her subjects in depth through multiple approaches. It’s this type of exploration of a subject that heightens Flynn’s awareness and sensitivity to her surroundings. “Now that ‘Cactus Man’ is complete,” Flynn confides, “I envision a whole line of ‘Friends of Cactus Man’ just waiting to emerge.”
“Ringing in the New Year” opens with a reception for the artists on Jan. 6 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, 502 N. Main Street, ground floor of the old Hotel Jerome. Refreshments will be served. Open Daily 10am-6pm.