Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 Members Holiday Show

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery Annual Holiday Show

The 2014 Holiday show in Jerome offers a lively mix of items ranging from stocking stuffers to fine art. With winter and holiday themed items to choose from, visitors are greeted by a diverse array of gift, jewelry and wall art when they shop at The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery the month of December.
In December each year, Co-op members celebrate another fabulous year and give thanks for all the visitors who have passed through their doors. These visitors have played a major role in the success that the Co-op has enjoyed over the past 17 years.
Home to the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is the old Jerome Hotel, built in 1917. Newspaper headlines at the time, called it “a stunner in 1917: with phones and showers in every room.” The Hotel Jerome was a stunner in the 1920’s, and continues to “rock” with stunning items of an artistic nature inside, at the Jerome Artists’ Co-operative Gallery. There you’ll find creations made of wood, metal, glass, ceramics, paint, dyes, gourds, photography and more. With 35 members in the Co-op, there is a stunning collection of talent expressed through fine art, craft and jewelry now on display at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.
Please join us in the month of December for a celebration of our annual Holiday Show.
Show runs Dec. 6 - Dec 31
Opening Reception Art Walk Saturday, Dec. 6 from 5pm-8pm.
Refreshments will be served.
See you there!
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery     
502 N. Main St.                     928-639-4276       

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

“Skies The Limit”
Featured Artists’ Show: Sarah Harms and Wanda Wood
Vibrant colorful snapshots of Arizona monsoon skies have stimulated the creative juices of two talented artists at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Not only have these two artists, Wanda Wood and Sarah Harms, paired up to present a full range of new works in their individual media, they have paired up to jointly create  new works. Some collaborative works involved both artists working together on the same artwork, while others evolved from a mutual “skies-inspired” snapshot in which each artist interpreted the mutual image in her own unique style.
Snapshots of brilliantly colored skies and other images taken by Harms during her morning dog walks along the Verde River have inspired Harms to incorporate “skies” and other images into her jewelry and felted wall art pieces. Harms has printed the images on aluminum and has used many of the same metalsmithing techniques in her new pieces that she is already using in her line of jewelry. This has prompted Harms to refer to her new pieces as ‘Wall Jewelry.’ Harms states that “Getting ready for this show has really prompted me to push my creative envelope.”
Wanda Wood has also taken advantage of the featured artist show by including many other techniques besides painting. Her new works use diverse items such as geodes, pine needles, Irish waxed linen thread baskets, and gourds. She loves creating art with unorthodox materials.
“Skies The Limit” is certainly without limits.
“Skies The Limit” runs Oct. 4 - Dec.4.
Opening night: Art Walk, Saturday, Oct.4th will include snacks and refreshments.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

“Micro to Macro” Featured artist: Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas grew up around art. As far back as he can remember, his mother, also an artist, encouraged him to create. In fact, his mom relates that as a baby Mark would rather sculpt his food than eat it. He continues sculpting today—with glass!
Lucas began working with glass when he was 18. “The medium seemed interesting and challenging,” Lucas recalls. Lucas doesn’t stop with glass, although that is his primary medium sold at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. He has worked in many media including ceramics, pencil, ink, collage, silversmithing, stenciling and welding. His show “Micro to Macro” reflects his interests in glass, stencil work and sculpture.
Lucas was born in New Orleans, grew up in New York and Idaho, and moved to Prescott at the age of 16. After Lucas committed his life to art, his success grew. Eventually, he was able to move from Prescott to Jerome, and there, over the past 8 years, Lucas has built an art business that reflects his dedication to his work. Just this past year, he opened his own gallery in Jerome.
Regarding his new works, Lucas states, “Most of my new sculptures are based on biological forms like radiolarians, molds, and cells which I alter, evolve, and combine to create new forms.” Some of his glass sculptures can take over 100 hours to complete, being slowly built up using glass rods. All of his glass work is lampwork, in which the artist uses a torch.
Pieces created using stencils on wood is another form of expression that Lucas will be showing. These pieces are sure to engage the viewer with a “black on black” concept. Lucas states, “By using black on black, it brings people into the piece, as it is the interaction with the light that you see that is intriguing.”

Micro to Macro runs August 1 to September 25.