Monday, January 29, 2024

 “Connection through Perception”

with Marsha Foutz and Jamie Kivisto

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents Jamie Kivisto and Marsha Foutz in their two-member Featured Artist show entitled, “Connection through Perception,” from Feb 3 – March 27 at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, 502 N Main St, Jerome. A reception for the artists will be held during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk on February 3 from 4 pm – 7:30 pm.

The show features paintings by Jamie Kivisto and ceramics by Marsha Foutz. Even though their mediums are different, both artists playfully comment on the human experience as a collective as well as include their personal outlooks and observations they themselves discover on their personal journeys.
Kivisto's paintings are primarily layers of acrylic paint intertwined with mixed media. She often uses a collage of text and patterns as well as spray paint in her initial layers to create a depth beyond her subject matter. It is within these layers that a story unfolds. Kivisto states, “I intentionally leave certain words and sketches from my underlayers peeking through, which allows the piece to develop a deeper meaning, usually based on my spiritual journey.”

The message can be subtle, although ultimately this feature intends to create a personal connection between the viewer and the painting. While her subject matter can range from landscape to birds, buildings and desert flora, they are all met with a unique balance of abstract and representational qualities that tie the collection together.

Foutz began sculpting ceramic chess set pieces in 1983 when she was invited to participate in a local Art show in December that year. As a result, she became a founding member of the now famous, “Made in Clarkdale” show for which she has continued making game sets ever since. Marsha states, “I love creating humor with a satirical peek into the human condition which is what helps me keep the tedious process of making the sets alive!

Each set takes at least four months to create. The pieces are sculpted from low-fire clay and then glazed and fired multiple times. It takes a very long time to finish one set! But I’m happy making them because my satirical sense of humor makes it fun! This is why my viewers also get a laugh or giggle when they see of my work.”

Over the years, Foutz has created 26 chess sets. Contrasting themes have included rich versus poor, teachers versus students, men versus women, and most recently, indigenous people versus capitalists. Her work has touched on the environment, travel, and changing attitudes and experiences throughout her life.

“Connection through Perception” welcomes viewers to not only dive deeply into the minds of these artists, but also receive just enough information to spark and evoke their own memories and narratives about life itself.

“Meet and Greet” Marsha and Jamie during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk reception on
February 3 from 4 – 7:30 pm at the
Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery,
502 N Main St, Jerome. Open to the public.

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Friday, December 1, 2023


“Holiday Membership Show”

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents their annual “Holiday Membership Show” with a reception for the artists on Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk on Dec 2 from 4pm – 7:30 pm at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery located at 502 N Main Street in Jerome. The show is a Holiday-themed event with participation from members representing a wide variety of mediums and styles. The interesting and fun aspect of the “Holiday show” is that the work does not have to be restricted to the type of work each artist has been juried into the Co-op for. Therefore, some surprises are about to occur! Sometimes one cannot even imagine who an unknown style or type of artwork is attributed to! On the other hand, it shows the diversity of talent among the 30 + local artists that make up the Co-op membership.

Marjorie Claus’ delightful character, “Bernadette,” is something you won’t find at her display at other times of the year. But as a Holiday character, Marjorie says, “I really enjoyed getting into the seasonal spirit with this comical character. I think it will make you smile, or even laugh! For me, that’s the gift of the season: Being Joyful!”

About her handmade hats, Michele Cokl Naylor says, “A few years ago I made a funny hat for everyone I worked with for an office photo. Soon after, I decided that I should learn to make proper hats. I studied with a couple of well-known hat makers and fell in love with the process. The hats I have at the Co-op are fabric hats, and I sell felt blocked hats in my studio.” She sums it up with “You’ll always be stylish in a hat!”

Bob Schuman takes us outside into Nature for his Holiday adventure. With Bob’s fantastic landscape photography, you’ll be hitting the trail to see these marvels in person. Schuman’s photographs are awe-inspiring, and, as Bob believes “Landscape photography can not only please the eye but it can instill a deep reverence for Nature and the environment in my viewers. Having photographed scenes from the shores of Hawaii to the hills of New England, my favorite subject continues to be the red rocks of Arizona!”

Speaking of getting out, that’s exactly what Sid Freeman’s new painting is doing. “Around and About” is a 3-dimentional mixed media painting on 18” x 24” stretched watercolor paper with a 12” x 9” piece attached in the center. Sid points out that, “The brilliant colors and calligraphy were achieved with a combination of acrylic paint, colored pencils, and my calligraphic dip pen. Getting the acrylic to flow through a pen was a struggle, but necessary, to achieve my desired intensity of color. Using restrained amounts of water to liquify the paint to prevent it from clogging the pen was very time-consuming. But, with sleeves pulled back, I am happy with it.”

Judy Jaaskelainen shares an original watercolor painting in a custom Juniper frame with turquoise inlay for her entry in the show. She recalls the story behind the painting: “A few years ago our Historic Clarkdale Elementary School was purchased for conversion to an Airbnb. During the conversion the new owner removed the lovely century-old cactus garden. Our community mourned the loss. Fortunately, I had photographed the old garden ten years before it was removed. My painting serves as an effort to preserve the memory and beauty of the past.”

Please join us at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery during the Holiday season where you’ll see a huge collection of art in the show and in the Gallery. Among the diverse mediums represented are paintings, prints, jewelry, pottery, wood, glass, clothing, photography, collage and much more.

The “Holiday Membership Show” opens on Jerome’s first Saturday Art & Wine Walk, December 2, with a “Meet & Greet the Artists” from 4-7:30 pm. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The show ends December 26.

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Saturday, October 7, 2023



with Sarah Harms and Marjorie Claus

On the edge, over the edge, to the edge, at the edge, edgy. Marjorie Claus

and Sarah Harms are taking their works to all kinds of places for their upcoming show, “Edges” with an opening artist reception on Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk, Oct 7, at The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.

Sarah will be focusing on pottery and some metal work, taking their show title both literally and figuratively. In preparation for the opening, she has been experimenting with new clay bodies, forms and all kinds of glaze combinations. She notes, “Add a new clay body and a couple new glazes into the mix, and the possibilities increase exponentially.” Her latest pieces feature dark clay bodies showing off their dramatic beauty with hints of glaze on the edges and the insides, so they will hold liquid. “They have quite an artsy, edgy vibe, and their simplicity invites the viewer to pick them up and feel the naked clay in all its tactile glory.”

Sarah also plans on taking Edges literally and making a few knives if she can yank herself away from the pottery wheel. “As a production artist,” she says, “when I create something new that I really enjoy, all I want to do is make more. Sizing, altering, refining, and learning all I can about creating the particular form until usually it morphs into another form altogether; then the process starts all over. I will probably have quite a bit of pottery for our opening, but who knows, I may just switch gears altogether! Creating is a truly free and magical process for me, and I embrace all of it.”

Marjorie says, “I’m exploring ‘The Edge’ between representational and non-objective painting. I’m always searching for the balance that describes a combination of the two mindsets in my work. For me, the playful, colorful abstract patterning is what I enjoy most about abstract work, yet I like to apply it to a somewhat representational subject. It’s the free, wild, and unexpected brushstrokes and marks that make the work interesting. These unexpected and sometimes out of place marks and colors offer the viewer an opportunity to see the work with an open mind; even when we can’t understand it—we can feel it. I enjoy the process of making art and have dedicated my whole life to being an artist. Yet, when I explore and push the boundaries of my processes, it becomes a gateway for me to expand my art and my viewpoint! Art is my never-ending journey of discovery!”.

Join us during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk from 4-8 pm where the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will host live music and provide snacks and refreshments while you meet and greet Marjorie Claus and Sarah Harms. “Edges” runs Oct 6 – Nov 28. All are welcome. 

The Co-op is open daily 10 – 6.

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