Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery’s Holiday Show

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery celebrates its 22nd Annual Holiday Show during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk on Dec 1 from 5-8 pm at the historic Hotel Jerome, home to the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.
Arriving in Jerome by car, one feels a gradual slip from the fast pace of life below the mountain to a feeling of timelessness as one parks the car and begins a tour through history. In “Yesteryear,” photographer Mark Foltz shares, “What struck me about this scene was that the only element in the photo that places it in time is a 1957 Ford Fairlane.” Foltz wonders, “Could this photo have been taken then? Maybe; I did have a camera when I was eight years old, but I didn’t know about Jerome then! ‘Leaping Kelp’ is a different look at Carmel beach,” Foltz continues, “The waves must have washed the kelp into this shape. I thought it looked like a jumping fish! Me and my flexible mind…”
About her work V. Norton points out, “This ceramic goddess is part of my ‘spirit’ series. She represents the full female form, standing 16” tall. Made of smooth, burnished porcelain clay, her curves are generous. During the holidays I think we all like to be in a giving spirit, and Ceramic Goddess does so with her female fecundity.”
Marjorie Claus straddles the worlds of spirit and form. She states that the emphasis in her recent work is on “abstracting the figure.” However, she seems to work backwards in the sense that she paints intuitively before knowing what she will paint. “Apart from having a dim idea that it will be figurative,” she explains, “I simply start by applying paint to canvas. This allows for my expressive mark-making that probably would not happen if the painting had been completely pre-planned.” “Geisha with Red Flower,” she continues, “is an example. I was intuitively applying colors to my canvas when I looked at my paper paint palette and saw what reminded me of flowers on a woman’s hat! I proceeded then to create a figure on my canvas with that idea in mind. The ‘geisha’ idea emerged from my experiences with world traveling where I was engrossed with foreign lands and cultures. Art is an interesting way to explore and express history in a contemporary world.
All these imaginative artworks and much more will be available at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery’s 22nd Annual Holiday Show with a reception for the artists during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk on Dec 1 from 5-8pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served. The show runs through Jan 4th.
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 35 member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, please stop by the gallery, or download an application from our website at www.jeromecoop.com click on the Membership link.
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