Friday, December 1, 2023


“Holiday Membership Show”

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents their annual “Holiday Membership Show” with a reception for the artists on Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk on Dec 2 from 4pm – 7:30 pm at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery located at 502 N Main Street in Jerome. The show is a Holiday-themed event with participation from members representing a wide variety of mediums and styles. The interesting and fun aspect of the “Holiday show” is that the work does not have to be restricted to the type of work each artist has been juried into the Co-op for. Therefore, some surprises are about to occur! Sometimes one cannot even imagine who an unknown style or type of artwork is attributed to! On the other hand, it shows the diversity of talent among the 30 + local artists that make up the Co-op membership.

Marjorie Claus’ delightful character, “Bernadette,” is something you won’t find at her display at other times of the year. But as a Holiday character, Marjorie says, “I really enjoyed getting into the seasonal spirit with this comical character. I think it will make you smile, or even laugh! For me, that’s the gift of the season: Being Joyful!”

About her handmade hats, Michele Cokl Naylor says, “A few years ago I made a funny hat for everyone I worked with for an office photo. Soon after, I decided that I should learn to make proper hats. I studied with a couple of well-known hat makers and fell in love with the process. The hats I have at the Co-op are fabric hats, and I sell felt blocked hats in my studio.” She sums it up with “You’ll always be stylish in a hat!”

Bob Schuman takes us outside into Nature for his Holiday adventure. With Bob’s fantastic landscape photography, you’ll be hitting the trail to see these marvels in person. Schuman’s photographs are awe-inspiring, and, as Bob believes “Landscape photography can not only please the eye but it can instill a deep reverence for Nature and the environment in my viewers. Having photographed scenes from the shores of Hawaii to the hills of New England, my favorite subject continues to be the red rocks of Arizona!”

Speaking of getting out, that’s exactly what Sid Freeman’s new painting is doing. “Around and About” is a 3-dimentional mixed media painting on 18” x 24” stretched watercolor paper with a 12” x 9” piece attached in the center. Sid points out that, “The brilliant colors and calligraphy were achieved with a combination of acrylic paint, colored pencils, and my calligraphic dip pen. Getting the acrylic to flow through a pen was a struggle, but necessary, to achieve my desired intensity of color. Using restrained amounts of water to liquify the paint to prevent it from clogging the pen was very time-consuming. But, with sleeves pulled back, I am happy with it.”

Judy Jaaskelainen shares an original watercolor painting in a custom Juniper frame with turquoise inlay for her entry in the show. She recalls the story behind the painting: “A few years ago our Historic Clarkdale Elementary School was purchased for conversion to an Airbnb. During the conversion the new owner removed the lovely century-old cactus garden. Our community mourned the loss. Fortunately, I had photographed the old garden ten years before it was removed. My painting serves as an effort to preserve the memory and beauty of the past.”

Please join us at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery during the Holiday season where you’ll see a huge collection of art in the show and in the Gallery. Among the diverse mediums represented are paintings, prints, jewelry, pottery, wood, glass, clothing, photography, collage and much more.

The “Holiday Membership Show” opens on Jerome’s first Saturday Art & Wine Walk, December 2, with a “Meet & Greet the Artists” from 4-7:30 pm. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The show ends December 26.

SHOP LOCAL! The Co-op is open daily, except Christmas Day, from 10 am – 6 pm. Accepting applications for new members in all media. Contact us: 928-639-4276

Saturday, October 7, 2023



with Sarah Harms and Marjorie Claus

On the edge, over the edge, to the edge, at the edge, edgy. Marjorie Claus

and Sarah Harms are taking their works to all kinds of places for their upcoming show, “Edges” with an opening artist reception on Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk, Oct 7, at The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.

Sarah will be focusing on pottery and some metal work, taking their show title both literally and figuratively. In preparation for the opening, she has been experimenting with new clay bodies, forms and all kinds of glaze combinations. She notes, “Add a new clay body and a couple new glazes into the mix, and the possibilities increase exponentially.” Her latest pieces feature dark clay bodies showing off their dramatic beauty with hints of glaze on the edges and the insides, so they will hold liquid. “They have quite an artsy, edgy vibe, and their simplicity invites the viewer to pick them up and feel the naked clay in all its tactile glory.”

Sarah also plans on taking Edges literally and making a few knives if she can yank herself away from the pottery wheel. “As a production artist,” she says, “when I create something new that I really enjoy, all I want to do is make more. Sizing, altering, refining, and learning all I can about creating the particular form until usually it morphs into another form altogether; then the process starts all over. I will probably have quite a bit of pottery for our opening, but who knows, I may just switch gears altogether! Creating is a truly free and magical process for me, and I embrace all of it.”

Marjorie says, “I’m exploring ‘The Edge’ between representational and non-objective painting. I’m always searching for the balance that describes a combination of the two mindsets in my work. For me, the playful, colorful abstract patterning is what I enjoy most about abstract work, yet I like to apply it to a somewhat representational subject. It’s the free, wild, and unexpected brushstrokes and marks that make the work interesting. These unexpected and sometimes out of place marks and colors offer the viewer an opportunity to see the work with an open mind; even when we can’t understand it—we can feel it. I enjoy the process of making art and have dedicated my whole life to being an artist. Yet, when I explore and push the boundaries of my processes, it becomes a gateway for me to expand my art and my viewpoint! Art is my never-ending journey of discovery!”.

Join us during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk from 4-8 pm where the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will host live music and provide snacks and refreshments while you meet and greet Marjorie Claus and Sarah Harms. “Edges” runs Oct 6 – Nov 28. All are welcome. 

The Co-op is open daily 10 – 6.

Currently accepting applications for membership in all media. 928-639-4276

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

 “Mark and Lana are Kilning It!” 

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is pleased to announce its latest show, “Mark and Lana are Kilning It!” Every two months, the gallery hosts a rotation of its members in its Featured Artist Room where the artist--or artists--design and curate their own show. Next month, the JAC will exhibit a show unlike any other: artists and sweethearts Mark Galen Lucas (glass) and Lana Rochelle (ceramics) will be presenting collaborative pieces as well as new work.

Lucas will be unveiling a full-sized glass figure, “years in the making”. How many years? “I don’t even remember when I started it,” he laughs. Lana Rochelle will be showcasing totemic ceramic miniatures as well as everyday functional pottery. Both artists also have an illustrative hand and will be showing work outside their usual mediums of glass and clay. Lucas will be debuting a collection of pointillistic ink illustrations; Rochelle will be showcasing graphic batik indigo-dyed silks as well as cartoons on ceramics.

“Most of my illustrations reference the conflict between man and nature,” Mark describes. “My sculptures are more about my personal emotions, and my drawings are more about my views.” As for the as-yet-untitled full-size figure: “It’s about my anxiety, how it holds me back…it always seems like there’s a block between me and the world.”

Mark’s counterpart similarly invokes physical and emotional spaces:

“I like drawing women at ease in their own space. My illustrations on ceramics have been lighthearted; women with their lovely incorrigible cats. The batik work shows more of my internal and external worlds: the blooming yucca I see and the sadness I feel,” says Rochelle. She adds: “Even the sad work is pretty funny to me, with big melodramatic tears.”

The show will also debut the artists’ collaborative pieces where glass and ceramic are entwined in new and innovative forms.

“I’m very excited about these pieces,” says Lana, “I’ve never seen anything like them before. We didn’t even know if the glass and ceramic would work together in the kiln. But in the end we have pieces that feel very sci-fi with glass emerging like structural growths around very organic ceramic forms. ”

The JAC will have an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, August 5, in conjunction with Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk. The gallery will be hosting local synthpop band Matteo Amaretto whose second album “Crimson Wave” came out last May. Matti Amato (lead vocals, drums, and keyboard) describes the genre-fluid band as “post-rock emo dreampop electronics.” The band will play from 4 to 8pm.

“It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be more of a party atmosphere. I hope it’s going to be very cathartic for everyone there,” laughs Lana.

“Mostly I’m excited about doing the show with Lana, seeing what we can create together,” Mark adds.

Mark and Lana are kilning it, indeed.

There is no cover charge for the August 5 reception. Beer, wine, and snacks will be available by donation. All ages welcome. “Mark and Lana are Kilning It!” will run until October 3.

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery at 502 N Main St, ground level, is open daily from 10 am – 6 pm. Currently accepting applications for membership in all media. 928-639-4276

Sunday, May 28, 2023


The Aesthetic Lure of Art” at the Jerome Co-op

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is pleased to present the artworks of five new members dedicated to pursuing their artistic side after retirement. “The Aesthetic Lure of Art” showcases fine art and craft at its best and explores how these artists stepped into their passions after retirement.


Keith Knisley relates, “I have spent most of my career exploring underlying mechanisms in biology. My fascination for woodturning is in part driven by the ability to turn a b§land piece of wood into a functional object and expose the beauty that lies beneath the surface. The exposed pattern of growth rings and stress patterns represent how the living tree coped with life’s challenges to survive.”

Howard Hardegree started his metal working career by learning to fabricate metal pins to give as favors for krewe members, costumes and royalty while living in New Orleans for two decades. “Working on copper and brass from my kitchen table I learned the basics of etching, sawing, joining, and design from books and YouTube videos,” Howard points out. “Wanting to go further, I sought professional help and studied metalsmithing and design with Steven Donnelly in New Orleans, and with Carolyn Ensley in Cottonwood after we moved. The influence of my background and current western environment are sometimes apparent in the pieces in my collection: light and dark, mysterious and fun.”

Maryhelen Ewing says she was “hooked on art as a small child the minute I could hold a crayon! Making art was my favorite thing to do, and as a teen, I craved private art classes. But music lessons were my mom’s priority for me, so off I went to the Juilliard School of Music in New York City to develop a way to earn my living with music. Finally, being close to retirement, I started taking some basic art classes at the Art Students’ League across from Carnegie Hall. Finally, after retiring to Prescott, I was able to pursue my dream of being an oil painter! Classes at Yavapai College helped me get back on my chosen path!”

Bob Shuman is a passionate believer in the power of landscape photography—not just to please the eye, but to instill in all of us a deep reverence for nature. “Capturing the light is everything,” Bob exclaims, “As a landscape photographer, it is always the light that I remember most about any location. It is my inspiration!”

After 50-plus years in the medical / scientific research fields,” notes Cathy Knisley, “I transitioned to the freedom of relaxed creativity. “It is a freeing experience to escape the world of facts and create your own reality. My love of nature and surrounding worlds with bright colors and vibrant palettes inspires my art. An air of mischief continually creeps in to inspire the imaginative process.”

Join us on the First Saturday, June 3 from 5-8 pm in Jerome known as “Jerome’s Art & Wine Walk” where the Co-op will celebrate these five talented artists displaying works in oils, photography, jewelry, acrylic pours and wood turned objects. Meet the artists, enjoy snacks, beer & wine and live music at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery (ground floor) for a memorable evening. The show runs May 31 – Aug 1. The gallery is open daily 10 am – 6 pm.

Currently accepting applications for membership in all media. 928-639-4276

Thursday, March 30, 2023


The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents “Judy and Jamalee in Jerome,” a two-member show featuring new works by watercolor artist Judy Jaaskelainen and ceramist Jamalee Moret. A reception for the artists will be held on Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk, April 1 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, at 502 Main Street in Jerome.

Ceramics has been Jamalee’s medium of choice for the past 20 years. Her connection with Nature influences the unique ways she molds, forms and creates with clay. She currently creates decorative and functional art with a focus on colorful glaze combinations.  

Jamalee shares, “I find that glazing my work is the most exciting part of my process. My background in watercolor painting has prompted me to play more with the glaze color combinations, knowing that the layering of the glazes can result in either a glorious or hideous-looking piece depending on how the glazes melt and merge with each other in the kiln. Opening the kiln is always a surprise!”  

Many of her pieces in this art show are miniatures--a project she has been working on for the past six months. “Years ago,” Jamalee recalls, “I saw an exhibition at the Whitney where an artist had 100’s of miniature pots on display, and I was so inspired, I thought, ‘I can do that one day!’ Well, I don’t have quite that many pots made, but I do enjoy making them in between my other ceramic work.”

Judy Jaaskelainen’s experiences abroad have figured into many of her watercolor paintings. “Lately, however,” she relates, “I seem to be focused on Southwest images. I enjoy the vast variety of textures, colors, and shapes found in my Arizona environment. The cacti, rocks, mountains, mesas, animals, and architecture all delight and stimulate my creativity. It’s good for my soul and my health to be painting. Arizona provides limitless inspiration with its unique, natural beauty and wildlife.”

Meet Judy & Jamalee during Jerome’s First Saturday “Art and Wine Walk,” on April 1 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The show runs March 30 – May 30. The Gallery is open daily from 10 am – 6pm. 928-639-4276. Currently accepting new member applications.

Visitors please Note: Free parking is available at the large brick building on the left coming into Jerome from Cottonwood. It is referred to as “the Old High School.” From there you can take a free shuttle up to town.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Jerome Co-op, “XVIII: Celebrating 18 Years of Envisioned Realism”

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is pleased to present “XVIII: Celebrating Eighteen Years of Envisioned Realism.” Featuring new and popular works created during Bernie Lopez’ 18-year career in art, “XVIII” will kick off with a reception for the artist on Jerome’s First Saturday art walk, February 4 from 5 – 8 pm.

As an acrylic painter, Bernie Lopez works in three distinct series of paintings: He refers to these as “The Moonlight Series, The Sunset Series, and The Landscape Series.” All his works are inspired by his extensive travels throughout the Western United States which began when he was a young man. His first extensive trip around the West stirred his interest in painting the American West. Now, with his home and studio located in Prescott, AZ, Lopez finds, “This location is the perfect jumping off point to many areas of artistic interest in the Southwest.”
Making regular trips to Colorado is one of his favorite inspirational outings. Yet, Arizona is where he garners the bulk of his inspiration because of its diverse, beautiful landscapes.
One might mistake Lopez’ finely detailed paintings to be photographs. However, rather than photorealism, Lopez refers to his style as ‘Envisioned Realism.’ This is because Lopez does not work from photographs. Rather, he pulls his imagery out of his memory and imagination.
In addition to his original paintings, Lopez provides high quality giclée prints to meet the demand for his work by making it more accessible to the public. Limited Edition releases are accented with hand painted touches that add depth, texture and uniqueness to each print.
Lopez is a long-time member of both the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery and the Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery where he can be found working his shifts periodically. His art is also available online and at various art shows around Arizona.

928-639-4276 Currently accepting new member applications.

Meet Bernie Lopez and delight in his celebration of “XVIII: Eighteen years of Envisioned Realism.” First Saturday in Jerome, February 4th from 5 – 8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The show runs Feb 1 – Mar 28. The Gallery is open daily (except Tuesdays) from 10 am – 6 pm. 

The Jerome Co-op Celebrates 2023—"New Work & New Artists”

 The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is pleased to present an All-Member show, “New Work & New Artists,” hailing the New Year and welcoming new members!

As a self-taught artist, Cathy Knisley enjoys exploring different painting techniques. After discovering “Abstract Cellism,” an art form using fluid acrylics, she expanded into experimenting with other abstract fluid arts, such as alcohol inks and watercolor. All these feature experimental and contemporary design. By mixing various fluid and traditional art forms, Cathy’s work has grown into multifaceted expressions of her imagination with endless opportunities for exploration.

Visualization and interpretation evoke diverse feelings, and Cathy’s work invites the viewer to take a step back and contemplate, while connecting with the composition. The viewer’s own imagination and perceptions are engaged.

Using vibrant palettes, diverse embellishments, different media and techniques, Cathy reimagines new worlds to explore.

Wood turner Keith Knisley has refined his skills and designs over many years. His bowls and platters are turned from a variety of reclaimed trees that have been downed as a result of storms, utility clearing, fire control, and so forth. His pieces incorporate a variety of designs and finishes which complement and enhance the appearance and texture of the wood grain.

Keith’s finial ornaments, boxes, bowls, and wine or whiskey stoppers incorporate both domestic and exotic woods with a smooth, durable finish. Finishes are selected to enhance the artistry, wood grain textures, utility, and durability of his turnings. All finishes are food safe.

Maryhelen Ewing wanted to be an artist since childhood, but her parallel interest in music guided her steps to The Juilliard School of Music in New York City. There, she “practiced her way to Carnegie Hall,” she exclaims! Many years later, after many part-time gigs and jobs in several orchestras in the Big Apple, Maryhelen said, “I couldn’t deny my love of art any longer!” She signed up for as many drawing and anatomy classes at the Art Students League (just across the street from Carnegie Hall), as she could fit into her busy life as a working musician in New York City.

When it came time to retire, Prescott, Arizona called, and both she and her husband relocated; they each got a horse, cowboy boots, and western hats! She is now in her element! Yavapai College, with its wonderful assortment of art classes, provided a way for her to reach her dream of making paintings. Yet it took her another 2 years before she felt brave enough to work in oils. But once she did, she said, “It was like coming home to my own heart!”

Maryhelen currently works in oils with figurative, still life and landscapes as subjects.

Bob Shuman “hangs out on the edge.” It could be the edge of the Grand Canyon, but also the cutting edge of what is possible in landscape photography. As a passionate believer in the power of landscape photography, Bob believes photography can not only please the eye, but can instill a deep reverence for Nature and the environment in his viewers. Having photographed scenes from the shores of Hawaii to the hills of New England, his favorite subject continues to be the red rocks of Arizona.

Sid Freeman is a watercolor calligraphy artist. She dives deeply into the meaning of words. “I call this painting, ‘Spoken’ “she says, “because even when we speak the same language, subtle nuances can be easily missed!”

Spoken” was created using three separate canvases which were mounted at three different levels. She explains, “While creating this piece, I played with different calligraphy scripts that use a circle, an oval and a square. To me, the work represents people using the same language but having different accents and word meanings. This explains why each panel has its own tilt, and why,” she says, “I advise the viewer to ‘Listen Well.’ “

Judy Jaaskelainen delights in the warmth of the colors of the Southwest. As a watercolor artist, Judy mentioned, “While visiting Silver City, NM on a snowy winter day, I came upon this rustic gate and old adobe walls adorned with a bright red chili ristra. I loved seeing the textures and blends of earth tones with the chilies in the snowy setting.”

On another occasion, about 25 years ago,” Judy continues, “there was a wonderful large shop on Main Street in the center of Cottonwood. We referred to it as the “Chili Pepper Store,” but they also sold a variety of hand-built pottery, many pieces of furniture from Mexico, as well as plants and planters. I enjoyed painting their window displays!”

Meet our new artists and greet our old friends during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk, January 7th from 5 pm – 8 pm at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The show runs January 1- January 31. The gallery is open daily except Tuesdays from 10 am – 6 pm. 928-639-4276 Currently accepting membership applications in all media. See you there!