Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Jerome Artists Co-op Reopens!


“Life as it Changes” is the theme of an All-Member Show at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in September. The Featured Artist Room will present members’ works over the next four months that speak to the idea of change and evolution as it applies to the creation of art. With the start of Shutdown in March due to Covid-19, who is not experiencing daily life turned upside-down? Yet, who is more resilient in times of change than artists? Artists face change and the unknown each time they approach their art.

Out of the Eleven artist interviewed, the basic themes running throughout their comments were, “I felt boxed in by Covid-19 and wanted to express this feeling in a piece of art.” “I dove deep into my art because I was uninterrupted.” “I explored projects in greater breadth because I had the time.” “I like to take the old and fashion it into something new.” “I revisited my use of color and composition to make my paintings more alive.” “I am compelled to rescue those damaged items and transform them into something new.” “Ancient indigenous people all over the world wore masks!” “At first, I spent weeks sewing masks for the local hospital, and scrubbed caps and gowns for the medical teams there. Then I returned to my painting and created 30 new pieces with 15 more in progress.” “I love putting vintage pieces together, creating a shadowbox with an entirely new feel and message.” “I created fifteen ‘Pandemic Mirrors’ with uplifting or contemplative messages.” “I painted a raven at the Grand Canyon. I call it, ‘Voluntary Isolation,’ which seems appropriate for our current situation.” “I fired up a new kiln that I hadn’t had time to use yet and created an array of new work.”

From these comments, you can sense that artists never have enough time in the day to create all that they feel compelled to create. The blocks of glorious uninterrupted studio time are a blessing for them and all who appreciate their art. Please enjoy the range of work and diverse viewpoints expressed in “Life as it Changes.”

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will be closed for Art Walk on Sept 5th, but open for Labor Day Weekend, Thursday Sept 4 thru Monday Sept 7 from 10 am to 4 pm. The gallery plans to be opened each weekend Thursday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm through September. Please call 928-639-4276 to verify it is open before making a trip to Jerome. Otherwise, if you are already in Jerome, we welcome your visit, with your mask on! (Town Ordinance.)      502 Main St, Jerome         928-639-4276