Saturday, January 6, 2007

Art in My Own Backyard • Sally Stryker & Judy Yescalis

January 6, 2007- February 15, 2007

Batik artist Judy Yescalis teamed up with found art assemblage and collage artist Sally Stryker to present Art in My Own Backyard, a collection of new works. Both artists are longtime co-op members whose works are well known and well regarded in Norther Arizona.

Judy Yescalis, a semi-retired language teacher, works from her own photos and sketches to create her one-of-a-kind batiks, many of which capture the local wildlife attracted to a pond near her home. She will sometimes create commissioned pieces from clients’ photographs as well.

Sally Stryker creates what might be called found art, Southwest folk art, or assemblage. She calls it "transformed art." The materials used in her works once served a particular utilitarian purpose and fulfilled specific human needs; now these discards are transformed by the artist into messages, symbols, themes, and humorous statements about the human condition.

Photos from the opening: