Saturday, January 7, 2006

A Boy and his Doll • Strange New Works by Patrick Lincoln

January 7th 2006- February 15th 2006

Digital media artist, poet and man about town, Patrick Lincoln, did not disappoint at the opening for his latest show, "A Boy and His Doll".

The often strange, but always unusual Lincoln, arrived for the opening gala in a lovely saffron gown, complete with lace, stogie and his little dolly dressed to match.

In spite of this, the opening was well attended and the general reaction to Lincoln's new digital media pieces was strongly positive.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Jerome's own Kim Talbot who played guitar, and by Patrick Lincoln himself who regaled the crowd with a selection of poetry, some written by himself, and some by others. He liked his own poems the best.

All in all, the evening went off without a hitch, and all breathed a deep sigh of relief when Lincoln changed out of the dress and back into his normal starving-artist/burnt-out-hippie attire.