Thursday, January 7, 2021

Celebrate 2021: Signs of Hope


In every culture throughout the world since primitive times, there have been ceremonies, celebrations, rituals, and beliefs about the calendar changing to a new year. Across the board, it has represented a time where humanity hopes, prays, dances, sings, makes resolutions, and stirs excitement for the hope that lies ahead. Modern times are no different. Certainly, after leaving our footprints and experiences of 2020 behind, many people are stepping forward into the new year with the hope that things will be better, and peace will reign across the globe. 

Members of the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery have expressed these visions through artwork that will be on display for a month-long exhibition in the gallery from Jan 1 – Feb 3. 

The Co-op welcomes its newest member, Nora Graf, whose gourd art is impressive. Her work is colorful, delicate, and uplifting. “I started making gourd art some 25 years ago,” she said, “and I still love doing it! Perhaps, the reason I love making gourd art is because it is so versatile. Gourds can be painted, wood burned, carved, and drawn on. I am still trying new techniques and media, where each gourd is a new adventure!”

Mary Dempsey chooses to represent the new year through the telling of the story of the King and Queen of Cups in a collage. Old and new accents tell the story of good fortune to come. “Like most of us,” Mary points out, “I am awaiting the new year. I made this collage wishing the gypsy, with all her omens, spells and magic, along with the power of the tarot King and Queen of Cups will bring us all peace, abundance, and good fortune in 2021.”

Florence Flynn expresses themes of hope in her paintings.  “Keepers of the Hearts.” Flo says, “is inspired by all that is going on in our worldly journey, and I see it as a reminder that we are all a part of that journey and we are also part of the solution.”

Marjorie Claus enjoys figurative portraiture, “because,” she says, “the figure is so expressive. When seeing a person, we get a feeling about them, even if they say nothing. This is what I am expressing in my mixed media painting entitled, “Peaches.”

Judy Jaaskelainen describes her feelings by saying, “I took some time over the past few month in isolation to collect my thoughts and try to put words to my rather jumbled collection of feelings, (some of which, there are no words in my vocabulary to express…) I then decided to look for images in my art that might provide a ‘visual’ to go along with the words and thoughts, hopes and feelings. The result has become my 2021 Calendar. The coming new year is full of possibility and a renewed desire to be the best human I can be. I plan to create greeting cards also, from some of the images, and those will be available at the Jerome Co-op as well.”

Judy’s closing words sum it up for many members, as “We wish everyone a fresh New Year full of Joy, Hope, Healing, and Soulful Reflection.”

The “Celebrate 2021” show runs from January 1 – February 3. Gallery hours are random currently, so please call ahead to make sure the gallery is open.  928-639-4276   Like us on Facebook!  Accepting applications for new members in all media.

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery 502 N. Main Street Jerome, AZ.