Monday, December 17, 2012

"Envisioned Realism": Featuring the Works of Bernie Lopez


Painter Bernie Lopez Celebrates Two Years at

Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery

with Solo Show, “Envisioned Realism”


As the holiday season cools down, the buzz about the eye-catching works of acrylic painter, Bernie Lopez, continues to heat up the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.  In January, the Prescott artist will celebrate his second year as a Jerome Coop member with his own personal exhibition, ‘‘Envisioned Realism” which will open on January 5th, 2013 and run until the end of February.


Although originally from California, the artist has resided for eight years in Prescott. Arizona where he and his wife are raising their 3 children in his ‘home-studio.’ In addition to showing his work in Jerome, Lopez is also represented by the Arts Prescott Gallery.


Like many young people, Lopez was inspired early in life to describe the natural world around him in sketches, but unlike most, he chose to pursue his artistic interests on his own. In his twenties, he combined a love for traveling the vast expanses of the western U.S. with a keen eye for color and form in the landscapes he encountered along the way.


As he grew as an artist and added to his personal artistic encyclopedia, Lopez created a portfolio of realistic paintings in acrylic from photographs, but soon became interested in abstract art as well. In the intervening years, he has embraced both interests and the two stylistic elements often fight for center stage in his current body of work. The resulting display in the Jerome gallery is dramatic, to say the least!


In the artist’s words, “I like to combine a balance of natural landscapes, precise geometric elements, and monochromatic colors in my paintings.” While one painting may broadly showcase the colors of an eye-popping blood-orange Arizona sky at sunset, the one next to it will command the viewer’s eye to focus squarely on a single raven backed by the perfect circle of a pure white full moon, a trio of Pronghorn antelope or a distant gathering of horses- all painted with laser -cut precision against a muted palette of monochromatic mood-altering grays.

Another unique element in many of Lopez’s pieces is the incorporation of painted off-set geometric panels and bars that serve the dual purpose of geometric interest and framing device.    


In “Envisioned Realism,” Lopez will revisit existing series, Sunset, Moonlight Silhouettes and Landscapes and present a varied showcase of original acrylics, Canvas Giclees and Archival prints. As for the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery official opening night of his exhibition, he guarantees“a good time at the best co-op in the world!”


Join Lopez and the artists of the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery for “Envisioned Realism” during the First Saturday Art Walk:  5-8 pm Jan. 5th for food and “a good time” at the Hotel Jerome, 502 Main Street, Jerome, Az 86331 (928) 639-4276