Thursday, August 24, 2017

“Off the Wall” by Christy Fisher

"Off the Wall" solo exhibition of new work by Christy Fisher features her clothing and accessory designs as well as her new, unique "photographix" collection.
Christy's limited edition artwear is created by hand in her studio in Jerome from fabric that is destined for the landfills of Los Angeles. She recycles hundreds of yards of castoffs from mills in a process she calls "fabric rescue.” This process includes driving to Los Angeles and bringing back 300-400 yards of cast-off fabrics. Back in the studio, Christy and her team washes, dyes and prints the fabrics -- then cuts and sews each piece into great new skirts, tops, arm warmers, scarves and other wearable art designs. As Christy calls it, "Saving the planet one skirt at a time."
Christy’s jewelry is created from recycled glass and metals.
Both her clothing and jewelry lines have been featured in many publications as well as being carried in both the Smithsonian and the Museum of Modern Art Gift shops. 
Her new “Photographix” series are framed pieces that start with original photographs printed on fabric then hand dyed and colored. 
“Off the Wall” runs thru Sept. 27th at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.