Wednesday, September 10, 2014

“Skies The Limit”
Featured Artists’ Show: Sarah Harms and Wanda Wood
Vibrant colorful snapshots of Arizona monsoon skies have stimulated the creative juices of two talented artists at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Not only have these two artists, Wanda Wood and Sarah Harms, paired up to present a full range of new works in their individual media, they have paired up to jointly create  new works. Some collaborative works involved both artists working together on the same artwork, while others evolved from a mutual “skies-inspired” snapshot in which each artist interpreted the mutual image in her own unique style.
Snapshots of brilliantly colored skies and other images taken by Harms during her morning dog walks along the Verde River have inspired Harms to incorporate “skies” and other images into her jewelry and felted wall art pieces. Harms has printed the images on aluminum and has used many of the same metalsmithing techniques in her new pieces that she is already using in her line of jewelry. This has prompted Harms to refer to her new pieces as ‘Wall Jewelry.’ Harms states that “Getting ready for this show has really prompted me to push my creative envelope.”
Wanda Wood has also taken advantage of the featured artist show by including many other techniques besides painting. Her new works use diverse items such as geodes, pine needles, Irish waxed linen thread baskets, and gourds. She loves creating art with unorthodox materials.
“Skies The Limit” is certainly without limits.
“Skies The Limit” runs Oct. 4 - Dec.4.
Opening night: Art Walk, Saturday, Oct.4th will include snacks and refreshments.