Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Jerome Co-op Celebrates with a Holiday Show!


Since the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery members have had plenty of “time off” due to the gallery’s closure at the start of Covid-19 in mid-March, it was decided to finish out the year with a Holiday Show focused on celebration and gratitude for the blessings the gallery has received not only now, during these unprecedented times, but also for the 24 years since it was founded in 1996. The Holiday Show kicks off on Saturday, November 7 (although there will not be an art walk opening this year) and runs thru Dec 29. Holiday-themed work will be available as well as new artwork from newer and current members. The unique, fun part about the Co-op’s “all-members shows” is that even though members are juried into the gallery representing a specific style or media, during an “all-members show,” “anything goes!” This translates to members often displaying and selling works in mediums they have not been juried in for, yet enjoy doing and are proficient in, none the less. It is during these shows that visitors get a glimpse of the versatility and breadth of the talent of the artists at the Jerome Co-op.

Jordan Ross, one of the Co-op’s newest members, creates intriguing works in assemblage and mixed media using discarded materials, unusual tools, and a “what if” playful attitude. “My pieces have a life of their own, and seem to emerge with little help from me,” Jordan says about her work.  “Assemblage,” as Jordan points out, “is an assembly of a sculptural construction of disparate found objects into a wholly cohesive art form.”  Artists that have influenced Jordan in her “what if” experimental adventure in assemblage are Karl Appel, Joseph Cornell, and Kurt Schwitters. Mostly self-taught, Jordan attended workshops and classes at Sedona Arts Center, El Valle Artists Association, and Yavapai Community College in the Verde Valley, along with a three-month intensive held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Suzen Brackell is a fashion designer who likes to design clothing to be comfortable, sexy and easy to care for. One size seems to fit most!! Suzen chooses fabrics that do not wrinkle and creates styles that camouflage one’s figure. Suzen says, “I’m currently designing tops with matching masks. My newest creation is a top that is so functional in these crazy times of Covid, that it can be worn as a turtleneck and/or mask. To add sex appeal, the collar/mask is attached from front to back and is open at the shoulders in keeping with a sense of flair and a feeling of having fun.” Susan’s designs are all one-of-a-kind originals.

Jim Todd notes that moving from one town or job to another seems difficult for many people but moving from one art medium to another has not been difficult for him. After many moves and many years spent doing oil painting, Jim decided to venture into Color Pencils for the first time, and is now showing off his fourth and fifth colored pencil drawings, entitled,  ”Parrot” and  “Koala.” Jim was looking for an art material that dries quickly and does not make a mess! “Now that I’m getting outdoors more, and enjoying the weather,” Jim says, “I was looking for something more portable than my oils. Forty-something years spent in oil painting has helped me in learning how to layer, compose and handle colored pencils. I’m still learning every day but creating art in this new medium is exciting to me again!”

Judy Jaaskelainen has more ‘Holiday themed,’ 12” x 12” mirrors in process. She says, “I continue to focus my artistic energy on ‘Meditations and Messages’ born of our current isolation situation. Using small 12” x 12” wooden mirrors, I texture, paint, collage, and add inspirational words to them. Some are colorful and some are rather somber. It is my effort to cope and find hope at this time.

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is currently open each week Thursday thru Sunday from 10 am – 4pm. It is located at 502 Main Street in Jerome. 928-639-4276  Find us on Facebook!  New member applications now being accepted.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Jerome Artists Co-op Reopens!


“Life as it Changes” is the theme of an All-Member Show at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in September. The Featured Artist Room will present members’ works over the next four months that speak to the idea of change and evolution as it applies to the creation of art. With the start of Shutdown in March due to Covid-19, who is not experiencing daily life turned upside-down? Yet, who is more resilient in times of change than artists? Artists face change and the unknown each time they approach their art.

Out of the Eleven artist interviewed, the basic themes running throughout their comments were, “I felt boxed in by Covid-19 and wanted to express this feeling in a piece of art.” “I dove deep into my art because I was uninterrupted.” “I explored projects in greater breadth because I had the time.” “I like to take the old and fashion it into something new.” “I revisited my use of color and composition to make my paintings more alive.” “I am compelled to rescue those damaged items and transform them into something new.” “Ancient indigenous people all over the world wore masks!” “At first, I spent weeks sewing masks for the local hospital, and scrubbed caps and gowns for the medical teams there. Then I returned to my painting and created 30 new pieces with 15 more in progress.” “I love putting vintage pieces together, creating a shadowbox with an entirely new feel and message.” “I created fifteen ‘Pandemic Mirrors’ with uplifting or contemplative messages.” “I painted a raven at the Grand Canyon. I call it, ‘Voluntary Isolation,’ which seems appropriate for our current situation.” “I fired up a new kiln that I hadn’t had time to use yet and created an array of new work.”

From these comments, you can sense that artists never have enough time in the day to create all that they feel compelled to create. The blocks of glorious uninterrupted studio time are a blessing for them and all who appreciate their art. Please enjoy the range of work and diverse viewpoints expressed in “Life as it Changes.”

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will be closed for Art Walk on Sept 5th, but open for Labor Day Weekend, Thursday Sept 4 thru Monday Sept 7 from 10 am to 4 pm. The gallery plans to be opened each weekend Thursday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm through September. Please call 928-639-4276 to verify it is open before making a trip to Jerome. Otherwise, if you are already in Jerome, we welcome your visit, with your mask on! (Town Ordinance.)      502 Main St, Jerome         928-639-4276


Monday, January 20, 2020

Envisioned Realism 2020

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery features a new show by member acrylic painter Bernie Lopez, entitled “Envisioned Realism 2020.” The show opens on February 1 with a reception for the artist during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk from 5pm to 8pm.

“As an artist,” Bernie says, “I like to recreate nature to give a different perspective of a certain subject or landscape. I’m inspired by nature’s work, whether it’s a fiery sunset or a cloudy horizon, and I enjoy the process of taking what’s in front of me and presenting it in my own design style so others can envision a different realism, too.”
Bernie Lopez was born in Escondido, Ca. and grew up with an interest in the natural world all around him. At an early age, he started sketching his observations and this is how he discovered his passion for creating art. 

In his 20’s, Lopez traveled around the Western United States, absorbing the beauty that it offers. Inspired by his journey, he became interested in landscape and abstract painting. Working with acrylics, Lopez began painting landscapes in a realistic style, working from his travel photographs. As he continued to explore and expand his painting process, Lopez added elements of abstraction to his realistic paintings until he found a comfortable balance of natural landscapes combined with precise geometric elements, in a monochromatic color scheme. This combination is now a unique feature of Lopez’s work that is sought after time and time again by his collectors and new patrons alike.

Lopez resides in Northern Arizona and works from his home studio where he paints and publishes his artwork. Lopez’s work is featured throughout the United States in both private and corporate collections as well as solo exhibitions and festivals throughout Arizona. To see more of his work, visit his website

Join the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in celebrating Bernie Lopez’ new work with an artist’s reception on Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk, Sat, Feb 1 from 5 pm – 8 pm. Refreshments will be served. The show runs through March 31. The gallery is open daily from 10 am – 6 pm. Located in the old Hotel Jerome at 502 Main St, Jerome.   928-639-4276