Friday, April 1, 2022

What Flows Through the “Flo”



The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery presents, “What Flows through the “Flo,” featuring multi-media member-artist Florence (Flo) Flynn from March 30 – May 31.

There will be a delightful and colorful variety of works presented in various mediums including acrylic paintings, ceramic pieces and pieces using or including found objects. Everything goes in this show if it has “Flowed through Flo!” Subject matter ranges as well due to Flo’s method of exploring her vast treasure trove of dreams, observations of nature, humans, and found objects that have delighted her eye along her life’s path.


In her own words, Flo describes how her keen sense of observation has influenced her work. Flo states that “Observation and playful creation have been the major influences my whole life. Growing up on a farm one learns to watch the weather and gardens growing; creatures being born. Play time was not computers; instead, you found entertainment outdoors: something simple like watching where the path of the ants led to, or the challenge of finding different faces on a beetle’s back or watching plants grow and getting excited about what they would become food wise. We played in the shelter belts (several trees deep to block the winds). In amongst these trees, one would see images of people or creatures. Oh, how the mind can stretch the imagination in a playful way!  And so, it goes. I still observe, I still play, I still dream, I still create that which delights my eye and soul.”

“Life is fun,” she continues, “when one puts on many hats and combines the experiences of one’s life journey.  This is what keeps me fresh and excited along my path of creation and in life in general.”

For example, “I have noticed that my work is basically connected with what is going on in my life at that moment.  I have gone through a series of different kinds of work including farm life, raising children, family, swimming pool life guard and instructor, art supply store owner, teaching days (Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA,) and Master of Art Education (MFA) elementary, high school and college, mural painter, photography studio and currently more work is connected to my dreams, meditation time, energy work and more delights of my imagination. A lot of the time the title, the story, the composition and the colors are given to me in a dream or a meditative state if not documented in the awakened moments.”


“What Flows through the Flo” runs March 30 – May 31 at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery with a reception for the artist during Jerome’s “Roam in Jerome” art walk event on Saturday, April 2 from 5-8pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Meet and greet the artist as Flo’s hope is that “everyone who comes will soak in all the beauty of the universe,” as seen through the imaginative creations of her work.


The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is located at 502 Main Street in Jerome. 928-639-4276

Current gallery hours: Open Daily 10am – 6pm except closed on Tuesdays.




Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Jerome Artist Coop Featured Artist Jim Todd



“Jim Todd: A Creative Life”  

From landscapes to aliens and everything in between, Jim Todd has led a Creative Life.

Jim began studying oil painting from his father at the young age of ten. He continued his private studies from other instructors throughout his teenage years and won numerous awards for his paintings. He exhibited his work in dozens of shows throughout the United States and received more than fifty awards during his early career. Of special note, in 1992, Jim received the Artist of the Year Award presented by the greater St. Louis Art Association. Later, in 1999, Jim was chosen as one of the top 100 artists for the Arts in the Park’s National Art Competition.

Jim Todd studied commercial art in college while continuing to develop his fascination and talent with oil painting. After college, Jim established his career in commercial illustration. During his long career, Jim worked for clients such as Disney, Activision, Mattel, Microsoft Games, to name a few. Jim created everything from 3D cockpits for Microsoft Flight Simulator to a Death Star for Lucas Arts.

In 2011, Jim retired from full-time illustration and returned to fine art. However, today, Jim finds himself still enjoying working on freelance illustrations while he continues his work in fine art. In 2020, because of his traveling, Jim began looking for a medium that is more portable than oil painting. This is when he came across colored pencils.  Never having touched a colored pencil before, Jim expresses, “I am thoroughly enjoying learning this new medium. As an artist, it is necessary to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new things. I feel very satisfied with my new work. My creativity is constantly evolving as new experiences enhance my imagination.”

Jim lives and works at his home-studio in the Village of Oak Creek. His work is shown in both private and corporate collections. Find out more at

Please join the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in presenting “Jim Todd: A Creative Life” a featured member-artist show where a reception for the artist will be held during Jerome’s “Roam in Jerome” event (formerly known as Jerome’s First Saturday art walk) on Saturday, Feb 5 from 5-8 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Masks may be required. The show runs thru March 29. The Jerome Co-op is located on the ground floor of the old Hotel Jerome at 502 Main Street. Shuttles are available for “Roam in Jerome.”


Currently accepting new applications for membership.