Sunday, July 31, 2016

Soul Food- Through the Lens of Jerome Co-op Photographer Mike Koopsen

      The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will be celebrating the landscape photography of artist Mike Koopsen in a new exhibition, “Soul Food: Places and Spaces to Nourish the Spirit.” This exhibit opens on August 6th in conjunction with the Jerome First Saturday Art Walk and runs through Sept 28th. The public is invited to join Mike and his fellow Co-op artists from 5-8 pm for food, wine and the opportunity to hear first-hand what motivates the soft-spoken, inspirational artist to continue his photography career after 25 years.
In the beginning, there were horses; images initially captured on black and white film proved to be the launching pad to a successful career fueled by a passion not only for wildlife, but for landscapes encountered in the beauty of the natural world around him. Mike’s desire to capture ‘the spirit of the moment’ led him to seek out and photograph places where very few people ever venture. He traveled across continents and through 70 countries, but confesses that some of his most thrilling adventures occurred here in the American Southwest, which he now calls home. “It is in these places where I experience a deep sense of awe, excitement and inspiration which I try to capture and share for others to enjoy.”
As a ‘cultural’ photographer, Mike shares an awareness of the fragile and precious nature of our environment and the need to protect it so future generations can enjoy the wonders he has experienced. “I hope my images will inspire others to seek out a richer, more personal connection with the natural world.”
The artist’s award-winning images have been published in books, magazines and newspapers and used in brochures, videos and on the web.
Mike Koopsen: Trails Traveled Photography, Sedona Az.
Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery 502 Main St, Jerome, Az 86331 928-639-4276