Thursday, October 4, 2018


“Spirits,” opens at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery Oct 6
Sally Davidson and V. Norton present new work in their two person show entitled, “Spirits” at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery which kicks off with a reception for the artists during Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk on October 6 from 5-8 pm.
Sally Davidson creates original artworks in clay, makes a mold from them, and then casts a small series of around eight pieces in paper mache where each in the series is slightly different from each other due to her handmade process.
“My work depicts the spirits which we might see in the natural world if we are lucky,” Ms. Davidson exclaims, “because every living plant and animal is essentially a spirit manifesting in form.”
“I love creating spirals that represent the energy of different types of animals.” Ms. Davidson continues, “Some of the spirals are symbolic of creatures of the sea or sky, such as dolphins or flying geese, while other spirals depict the energy of some of our most well-known land animals such as cows, pigs, dogs, cats and horses. Because of the variety of animals and creatures Ms. Davidson offers in these spirals, she states that different people will resonate with different creatures’ energy. Ms. Davidson believes humans are spiritual beings on Earth having a physical experience. Thus, she states, life is meant to be enjoyed with beauty created and preserved. “The intricate natural world is a marvelous, precious enigma which must be protected for the joy and appreciation for future generations. Every living spirit,” Ms. Davidson continues, “whether it be human, tree or otherwise, has something to share with those who are receptive to their wisdom and knowledge.” Ms. Davidson feels her artwork is a success when viewers share their joy and delight from seeing her images. Her latest piece, “Hummingbird,” symbolizes “joy of life” and represents the tremendous stamina these tiny creatures exhibit. “Whenever I see a hummingbird,” Ms. Davidson comments, “I am reminded of the hummingbirds’ traits of exuberant joy and energy which is such an inspiring part of my life.”
“Spirits are everywhere!” quotes artist V. Norton as she began creating her new body of work for this show. “I have always liked the female form represented in both the abstract and the robust. Of course, my female forms must have jewels and some sort of horse ‘hairdos’ on each of them as they display their own individual spirits and sense of mystery.”
Although well known for her high fired porcelain bowls, Ms. Norton chose to create the forms for this show using low fired, earth toned colors where the firings themselves determine the eventual outcome of the colors and hues of each individual piece. “It is really art for art’s sake,” Ms. Norton explains, “and these are the kind of spirits you want to bring home with you!”  Ms. Norton continues to add new works to her ongoing “masks” series, because, after all, they are a part of her “Small Spirits” series, and they fit so nicely into the theme of this show.
Additionally, as a professional calligrapher, Ms. Norton will share calligraphy works that include some of her hand made books. Ms. Norton points out that, “To me, letterforms imbue another type of spirit: an artistic interpretation of the written word.”
All these diverse interpretations of “Spirits” will be celebrated with a reception for the artists on Oct 6 from 5-8 pm during Jerome’s first Saturday Art walk. Refreshments will be served at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. The show runs thru Nov 28. Open Daily 10-6.