Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery Holiday Show 2019

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery kicks off the Holiday Season with their annual “Members Holiday Show.” This is a full-on fun event to see and experience since all thirty-five Co-op members participate in this show with new work and holiday themed works that might only be on display during this time of year.

Kicking off the holiday season, mixed media artist Marjorie Claus (yes, related to Santa!) associates red as a fun, outgoing, lively color. Therefore, it is aptly used in her new abstract horse, “Red,” where she strives to capture movement and essence in favor of precise rendering of her subject. Marjorie admits, “I love red for its aliveness and how it reminds me of Arizona in so many ways, especially the feelings of hot deserts and beautiful sunsets. My idea of painting my horse red is to simply bring attention to the red color. As such, red becomes the subject.”

Photographer Mark Foltz finds inspiration anywhere he goes. In the case of, “Road Trip Memories,” the old car door reminded him of when he was a kid in the back seat of the old Desoto. He recalls,” I enjoyed watching stuff go by as much as I enjoyed anywhere we stopped.”

In “Evening Lull,” Foltz enjoys the time between the day tourists and the evening bar scene. He notes, “There’s a brief period when there’s nothing happening. I love this time of day. It feels like Jerome is catching its breath between workouts!”

Magic is a part of any holiday season, and V. Norton brings this subject to life in her new mask entitled, “Magic Spirit.” This creation is part of the new, evolving round shape with horsehair that she has been working with recently. “It takes two firings to create the finished product,” she states. “The first is in the kiln which hardens the clays and sets the colors. The second firing is in the actual fire, a primitive style used for centuries by clay people. This firing is the one that adds the feeling of timelessness I am after.” Standing about 12 inches tall, what makes this mask unique is that there are feathers as well as the horsehair and shell beads as decorative elements. “I am lucky,” said Norton, “because I have a friend who has an aviary of exotic birds. Therefore, I have a source for feathers. Ancient ruins have shown evidence of these types of feathers being used in ceremony, implying a trade with distant cultures. Since birds naturally molt, there is no harm to use their discarded feathers as they grow the new ones. Norton has travelled to Mexico, North and South America, Europe and Africa. “In every country,” she says, I have seen the indigenous people creating their masks for many ceremonial reasons. I am sure I have been influenced by my journeys,” says Norton, “but often I cannot tell you exactly how. The clay gives me my direction when I start to work with it.”

Mosaic artist, Janet Farwell, has a variety of offerings at the Holiday Show. Her work includes colorful ornaments, trinket boxes, and mosaic pictures featuring whimsical children. One of her pieces, “Christmas Cookies” is sure to bring memories to mind, and her “Holiday Ornaments” capture both winter and holiday childhood memories that we all may have in common. 

There will be a reception for the artists on Jerome’s First Saturday art walk at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery at 502 Main Street in Jerome from 5-8 pm. Refreshments will be served. Open Daily 10-6. Tel: 928-639-4276   LIKE us on Facebook!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

“FACTS and Fantasy”

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery presents, “FACTS and Fantasy,” a two-member show featuring the works of Judy Jaaskelainen and Marsha Foutz.

Judy Jaaskelainen says, “The theme of my last Featured Artist Show, was ‘Scattered’.  As it turns out that theme would also be appropriate for my up-coming show, ‘FACTS and Fantasy’ (with the opening reception on Saturday, Oct. 5th), at Jerome Artist’s Cooperative Gallery.”

She goes on to say, “After a couple of non-productive years I seem to have recently gone off in many creative directions, experimenting with both subject matter and media. Included in my subjects are Endangered Species, Collage Portraits, Images from Paris, France, Africa, Southern Utah, and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am generally considered a Watercolor artist. I have lately experimented with small clay creations, textures on wood, acrylic paints and a variety of stamping techniques. This has been both exciting and a bit challenging….(but mostly fun!)”

Marsha Foutz has been making satirical, one-of-a-kind ceramic chess sets since 1986. At this show, she will be presenting her 25th (and perhaps final) chess set.  “Different Worlds,” portrays the colorful, lively indigenous people of the world on one side of the chess board. The other side shows the ‘ho-hum’ population of corporate America.”  Other types of ceramic sculptural pieces continue Marsha’s theme of ironic humor. Her functional pieces show her love of color. The entire show will be detailed with design and color, as “No surface is left plain,” Marsha exclaims, and credits her ironic sense of humor to having survived thirty-five years of teaching in the classroom! 

Please join the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery for a lively opening and reception for the artists on Saturday, October 5 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, located in the historic Hotel Jerome, 502 Main Street in Jerome. Light refreshments will be served, and Janice Paul will provide live music for the event. Everyone is welcome! For visitors coming from the Verde Valley area, there is free parking at the large brick Jerome High School on the left side as you enter Jerome from the Cottonwood/Clarkdale area. For those coming from the Prescott area, there is free parking behind the fire station on your left as you enter Jerome from Prescott. Both parking areas offer free shuttle rides to destinations all over Jerome for Art Walk events. For more information, 928-639-4276, and Like us on Facebook.

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 37 local member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, please stop by the gallery or download an application at

Open daily from 10-6.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Nature Rocks

"The Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 37 member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, stop by the gallery or download an application from their website."
502 N. Main Street, Jerome  

Friday, May 31, 2019

“Two of a Kind” with Mary Rochelle Burnham and Jim Todd

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery presents “Two of a Kind” with Mary Rochelle Burnham and Jim Todd. What do you call it when two lines converge? An intersection?  No, the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery calls it an art exhibit. Mary Rochelle Burnham & Jim Todd discovered they share a similar background in art as both artists have a representational style and work primarily in oil. Having met at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery as members exhibiting their fine art paintings, they developed a friendship and respect for each other as they began sharing stories of their dual careers as both illustrators and fine artists.

Illustrators are commissioned to take the needs of the client and produce artwork that is typically reproduced in print or other forms of media. To be successful as an illustrator, one must be disciplined to meet deadlines, have an ability to listen to and interpret the ideas given to them, work well with others, and possess professionalism and business savvy. The artist is given an idea from which he/she creates art to fit the needs of the client. In the fine art world, the artist begins with their own personal vision, transforms their ideas into art, then hopes to match a client with the piece to sell it.

Mary Rochelle Burnham began her career as a portrait artist at the tender age of eleven. Undecided whether to pursue fine art or commercial art, she first attended Wayne State University where she majored in drawing. Deciding that her goal was to be self-supporting, she transferred across Woodward Avenue and went on to graduate from the College for Creative Studies, one of the nation's leading art and design colleges where she received her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree) in illustration. Mary enjoyed a freelance career that encompassed everything from courtroom sketching that aired locally in the Detroit market, nationally and in the press, to illustrating product lines, death & destruction art for one client, drawing caricatures for parties and events, to designing logos and much more. Every job was a challenge, a learning experience and quite fun despite the sweat.

Mary Rochelle Burnham built a reputation as a fine artist as well, earning many awards with her paintings in juried art shows in Michigan and later in Arizona. Burnham taught classes and workshops to students of all ages. Her most recent workshop, in 2017, was outside of Zurich, Switzerland. In Arizona, she continues to teach art privately.

Jim Todd began oil painting at the young age of 10 under the instruction of his father. Jim studied commercial art in college while pursuing private instruction in oils. He has exhibited works in dozens of shows and galleries throughout the United States and has received more than fifty awards. Jim was chosen as one of the top 100 artists for the Arts in the Park’s National Art Contest. In 1992, he received the Artist of the Year Award presented by the greater St. Louis Art Association. Jim went on to establish a career in commercial illustration creating work for clients such as, Disney, Lucas Arts, Activision, Mattel, Microsoft Games and many others. After retiring from the commercial illustration business in 2011, Jim returned to what he loves best: painting in oils.

Todd paints a variety of subjects including still lifes, landscapes and surreal images. With his ability to portray intricate details, viewers feel as if they can reach into his paintings and grasp the objects. Todd has clearly established himself in the Trompe l’oeil tradition of oil painting. In “Two of a Kind” Todd will introduce his new wildlife series.

Mary Rochelle Burnham and Jim Todd are both passionate about their work, their work ethic, and it shows in their work. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 1, from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments will be served along with a special live musical performance by local musician Tommy Rocks. Tommy ‘Rocks’ Anderson, an acoustic rock musician, has performed on stages throughout America. Best known for decades across America as a guitarist and singer, in Arizona, he is better known for being one of the state’s top ukulele players. Tommy Rocks created the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra which, in their first year, got noticed by America’s Got Talent. Later, Tommy formed the Sedona Ukulele Posse in conjunction with the Sedona Arts Center where he taught music for two years.

Treat yourself to a very special evening at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery where you’ll find an evening of food, fun, wine, song, and of course, ART! June 1—5-8 pm.

Mary Rochelle Burnham
 Jim Todd

 Mary Rochelle Burnham

Mary Rochelle Burnham 

 Jim Todd

Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery     502 Main Street, Jerome.    928-639-4276    Open Daily 10-6

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 37 local member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, please stop by the gallery at 502 Main Street, or download an application from their website:

Thursday, March 28, 2019

“One Artist’s Journey”

"One Artist's Journey with Marjorie Claus" continues at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery as Marjorie demonstrates her process of creating colorful contemporary batik paintings on fabric. Batik is a process that uses hot wax as a resist to dyes on fabric. In 2009 UNESCO awarded Indonesia the "Intangible cultural heritage" award as batik cloth and patterns permeate every aspect of Indonesia lifestyle. Marjorie traveled, lived and worked in Indonesia and Singapore from 1974-1982, which formed the basis of her broad experience with batik. Please join Marjorie for a demonstration of batik, and a reception for the artist on Jerome's First Saturday Art walk, May 4, from 5-8pm. Refreshments will be served. The show runs till May 29. OPEN DAILY 10AM - 6PM.  

The art of contemporary batik and mixed media collage works are featured at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in a presentation entitled, “One Artist’s Journey.” Marjorie Claus describes in words and pictures how an overland trip to Nepal in the 1970’s and a 7-year period of living and working in Indonesia and Singapore from 1974-1982 influenced her life and her art. There will be a reception for the artist during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk on April 6 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery.
Marjorie recalls how leaving her job as a book designer with Macmillan Publishing Company in 1971 in favor of traveling the world, launched her awareness of foreign people, countries and cultures. She traveled three months in Europe and Morocco before she describes how she and her sister were relaxing on a beach in Greece when they were invited by two travelers to join them on their overland trip to Nepal. Marjorie says, “What sounded like a dream, became a dream after it was over! It was a tough journey in the 70’s traveling from Istanbul through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal using trains, buses, trucks, jeeps, hitchhiking and flying in areas where were no roads.” She continues, “In some countries ‘the road’ was nothing more than an arrow pointing in the general direction of the way to go. Just getting to Nepal from Istanbul took 9 months of hot, rugged travel.”
The Indonesian aspect of her journey began in 1974, after working at Macmillan Publishing Company for the second time before flying from California to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok and then winding “overland” through Thailand, Malaysia and eventually arriving in Indonesia. She studied batik in Jogyakarta and then set out to explore as much of the Indonesian archipelago as she could before her visa extensions were up. In Singapore, Marjorie procured an art teaching position at the Singapore American school for 4 years, and designed batik art and textiles for 3 years at the Merlion Batik Factory.  
These experiences, clearly, were the most influential events of her life. Her interest in batik started during her college days at East Carolina University where she graduated with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art degree) in printmaking and painting in 1969.  She viewed batik as a colorful form of printmaking with vibrant colors and patterns; indeed, in the 60’s, batik was very colorful! Batik is an ancient process that uses resists (hot wax) and dyes (vegetable or chemical) on fabric to create color and patterns on cloth. Primitive hand tools were used to apply wax and both dipping into dyebaths and painting directly onto fabrics were the processes used to apply color. “It was quite a complex process,” Marjorie states, “for a ‘primitive’ artform.” As Marjorie mentioned, batik is probably the oldest form of applying color and patterns to cloth, and it was used in countries all over the world. Indonesia is the country that received the UNESCO award for batik as a living artform: an “Intangible cultural heritage.” Marjorie’s interest in batik has survived in her 50-year career in art.
Once the computer came into Marjorie’s life, she saw the potential of using it as a design and drawing/painting platform. She uses Photoshop to develop compositions and designs for papers she uses in her collage work. In the exhibit, there are several examples of both digital and actual collage paintings. “Collage” is an artform using paint, paper and glue to assemble an artwork by using compatible or disparate elements to create a work of art. This has now become Marjorie’s favorite medium for working. Because she can bring together all her interests in printmaking, painting, batik, and collage into a single painting, she calls this process “mixed media.” This has opened the door to how Marjorie incorporates her passion for art and travel into one painting.
Reception for the artist, April 6 from 5-8 pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, 502 Main Street, Jerome. Refreshments will be served. The show runs thru May 29. OPEN DAILY. 10AM – 6PM. 928-639-4276.
The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 35 local member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, please stop by the gallery at 502 Main Street, or download an application at


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

“Rocks, Hearts, Bugs & Other Things”

Multi-media artist Florence Flynn and Photographer Mike Koopsen share the spotlight in the Featured Artist Room at the Jerome Artist’s Cooperative Gallery with a reception for the artists from 5-8 PM during Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk on Feb. 2.
In her own words, Flynn describes how art has been a major part of her life since childhood: “Inspiration came in the form of a father and mother who taught me how to observe and appreciate that which surrounds us on a farm back in Nebraska. And a grandma who would teach us young how to draw and blend those old paint by number sets.”

She continues, “Way back in Junior High I was part of a group that painted sections of a mural/fence that surrounded the John F. Kennedy Center while it was being built. A trade of a snare drum for a 35mm camera- opened up whole new avenue in the art realm as well. Highschool consisted of art classes, arch painting for football and basketball games, mural painting for proms, and seasonal painting of windows at the local mall. I continued along my path getting a BFA, Teacher Endorsement and then a Master of Art Education. Many hats have been on this head all intermingling with the Arts: being an owner and operator of an art supply store, a photography business, art instructor for summer art camps in home town, and at the local art museum, mural painting with my sister, art instructor for elementary, college and high school over the years and art fairs while raising a family and working a farm with my late husband.”

Describing more fulling where she gets her inspiration, she states, “My work is basically connected to what is going on in my life at the moment:  I have gone through series of work consisting of: Farm life, raising children, family, swimming pool life/guard days, teaching days, vacation times, dreams, meditations, energy work and all the other everyday connections that cross our paths.  A lot of time the title, the story, the composition and the colors are given to me in a dream or meditative state if not documented in the awakened moments.”

Flynn has participated in Art Shows and Fairs since the early 1970’s. “I am grateful that I can soak in all the beauty of this universe and that I am able to share my creations with others.  I hope you can enjoy my work on a playful as well as a healing or a sense of peacefulness or inquiry level.”
Mike Koopsen has always been passionate about the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us. It is one of the reasons he moved to Sedona. His desire to capture the spirit of the moment and preserve it for others to enjoy has never diminished. Mike began taking photographs more than 25 years ago when he experimented with black and white film to capture images of favorite horses. Success in that initial venture sparked a passion for wildlife, landscape, and cultural photography that resulted in many wonderful journeys across almost every continent and through almost 70 countries. Some of the most thrilling adventures have occurred here in the American Southwest.

During these many journeys, Mike spent time in places where very few people ever venture. It is in these places where he experiences a deep sense of awe, excitement, and inspiration which he tries to capture and share for others to enjoy. Seeking out the awesome beauty of nature brings with it the adventure of exploration and the wonder of seeing things in a special light. Mike’s award-winning images have been published in books and magazines, as well as newspapers, and have been used in many brochures, videos, and web sites.

Mike hopes his images will inspire others to seek out a richer, more personal connection with nature, and increase everyone’s awareness of the fragile and precious nature of our environment and the need to protect it so future generations can enjoy the wonder he has been blessed to experience.

A reception for Florence and Mike will take place on Sat, Feb 2 from 5-8pm at the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery. Refreshments will be served. The show runs thru April 3. OPEN DAILY. 10AM – 6 PM. 928-639-4276
The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is comprised of 35 local member-artists who work in a wide variety of media. To become a member, please stop by the gallery at 502 Main Street, or download an application at
 Flo Flynn

 Mike Koopsen