Saturday, October 7, 2023



with Sarah Harms and Marjorie Claus

On the edge, over the edge, to the edge, at the edge, edgy. Marjorie Claus

and Sarah Harms are taking their works to all kinds of places for their upcoming show, “Edges” with an opening artist reception on Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk, Oct 7, at The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.

Sarah will be focusing on pottery and some metal work, taking their show title both literally and figuratively. In preparation for the opening, she has been experimenting with new clay bodies, forms and all kinds of glaze combinations. She notes, “Add a new clay body and a couple new glazes into the mix, and the possibilities increase exponentially.” Her latest pieces feature dark clay bodies showing off their dramatic beauty with hints of glaze on the edges and the insides, so they will hold liquid. “They have quite an artsy, edgy vibe, and their simplicity invites the viewer to pick them up and feel the naked clay in all its tactile glory.”

Sarah also plans on taking Edges literally and making a few knives if she can yank herself away from the pottery wheel. “As a production artist,” she says, “when I create something new that I really enjoy, all I want to do is make more. Sizing, altering, refining, and learning all I can about creating the particular form until usually it morphs into another form altogether; then the process starts all over. I will probably have quite a bit of pottery for our opening, but who knows, I may just switch gears altogether! Creating is a truly free and magical process for me, and I embrace all of it.”

Marjorie says, “I’m exploring ‘The Edge’ between representational and non-objective painting. I’m always searching for the balance that describes a combination of the two mindsets in my work. For me, the playful, colorful abstract patterning is what I enjoy most about abstract work, yet I like to apply it to a somewhat representational subject. It’s the free, wild, and unexpected brushstrokes and marks that make the work interesting. These unexpected and sometimes out of place marks and colors offer the viewer an opportunity to see the work with an open mind; even when we can’t understand it—we can feel it. I enjoy the process of making art and have dedicated my whole life to being an artist. Yet, when I explore and push the boundaries of my processes, it becomes a gateway for me to expand my art and my viewpoint! Art is my never-ending journey of discovery!”.

Join us during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk from 4-8 pm where the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery will host live music and provide snacks and refreshments while you meet and greet Marjorie Claus and Sarah Harms. “Edges” runs Oct 6 – Nov 28. All are welcome. 

The Co-op is open daily 10 – 6.

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