Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Signatures: Lettering Art by Sid Freeman

“Signatures: Lettering Art by Sid Freeman”
Sid Freeman uses calligraphy to make art. As a simplified example, if she were to paint an image of a ball of yarn, it would look like a ball of yarn from a distance; yet when examined up close, one could see that the image is actually composed of tiny calligraphic words, written repeatedly, such as “knit, knit, knit,” until the image of a ball of yarn develops. From this start, experimentation led Ms. Freeman to using relevant words and symbols to create visual stories with calligraphy. Her most recent work, “Anchored Innocence,” depicts the story of Romeo & Juliet. To create it, Sid combined calligraphy, color, and historical references and symbols to achieve a masterful piece of artistic calligraphy. Ms. Freeman refers to her new work as “image poetry.”  
Sid's show kicks off with a reception for the artist on Oct. 1st from 5-8 pm, during Jerome’s Saturday art walk. Refreshments will be served. Music provided by Christy Fisher and Frenz. Show runs until Nov.30.
Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery        
 502 Main Street