Monday, May 19, 2014

Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery
“Calizona--Where I Live” in Jerome!

With thirty-three members at the Jerome Artist's Cooperative Gallery, your senses will
be thrilled on your next visit. You'll find an array of unique items for your home, gifts, or
personal adornment created by talented local artists. From pottery, jewelry and clothing
to photography, mixed media and fine art, the Gallery is home to local works of art of all
Every two months our Featured Artist Room rotates it's display to host a unique show
featuring one of our member's latest creations. Our next show, entitled “Calizona—
Where I Live” opens Saturday, May 3, from 5-8 PM. You'll have an opportunity to
witness the talent, technique and humor of photographer Mark Foltz.
A transplant from Akron, Ohio to the Verde Valley in 2003, and with connections
through graphic design in California, Mark's sense of humor shines through. Mark
recalls the “Jollywood” idea came to him while driving to Jerome one afternoon for his
work-shift at the Co-op. Mark noticed that the Jerome mountains reminded him of the
Hollywood hills. As he drove closer, he saw the big white “J” etched on the Jerome
mountain (in real life). Next thing you know, he imagined “Jollywood” written there in
big, bold letters above the town and laughed out loud! “Jerome is indeed 'Jolly,!' he
laughed! “A lot of the pieces in my show were born that way,” Mark recalls. Mark's
flexible mind and imagination allow disparate elements to recombine in new ways.
You're in for a treat when you gift yourself a trip to Jerome this May or June to visit
“Calizona—Where I Live.”
“Calizona—Where I Live” runs May 3rd through July 2nd.
The Jerome Co-op Gallery is open daily from 10 AM-6 PM.
502 North Main Street, Jerome. 928-639-4276.