Sunday, May 28, 2023


The Aesthetic Lure of Art” at the Jerome Co-op

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is pleased to present the artworks of five new members dedicated to pursuing their artistic side after retirement. “The Aesthetic Lure of Art” showcases fine art and craft at its best and explores how these artists stepped into their passions after retirement.


Keith Knisley relates, “I have spent most of my career exploring underlying mechanisms in biology. My fascination for woodturning is in part driven by the ability to turn a b§land piece of wood into a functional object and expose the beauty that lies beneath the surface. The exposed pattern of growth rings and stress patterns represent how the living tree coped with life’s challenges to survive.”

Howard Hardegree started his metal working career by learning to fabricate metal pins to give as favors for krewe members, costumes and royalty while living in New Orleans for two decades. “Working on copper and brass from my kitchen table I learned the basics of etching, sawing, joining, and design from books and YouTube videos,” Howard points out. “Wanting to go further, I sought professional help and studied metalsmithing and design with Steven Donnelly in New Orleans, and with Carolyn Ensley in Cottonwood after we moved. The influence of my background and current western environment are sometimes apparent in the pieces in my collection: light and dark, mysterious and fun.”

Maryhelen Ewing says she was “hooked on art as a small child the minute I could hold a crayon! Making art was my favorite thing to do, and as a teen, I craved private art classes. But music lessons were my mom’s priority for me, so off I went to the Juilliard School of Music in New York City to develop a way to earn my living with music. Finally, being close to retirement, I started taking some basic art classes at the Art Students’ League across from Carnegie Hall. Finally, after retiring to Prescott, I was able to pursue my dream of being an oil painter! Classes at Yavapai College helped me get back on my chosen path!”

Bob Shuman is a passionate believer in the power of landscape photography—not just to please the eye, but to instill in all of us a deep reverence for nature. “Capturing the light is everything,” Bob exclaims, “As a landscape photographer, it is always the light that I remember most about any location. It is my inspiration!”

After 50-plus years in the medical / scientific research fields,” notes Cathy Knisley, “I transitioned to the freedom of relaxed creativity. “It is a freeing experience to escape the world of facts and create your own reality. My love of nature and surrounding worlds with bright colors and vibrant palettes inspires my art. An air of mischief continually creeps in to inspire the imaginative process.”

Join us on the First Saturday, June 3 from 5-8 pm in Jerome known as “Jerome’s Art & Wine Walk” where the Co-op will celebrate these five talented artists displaying works in oils, photography, jewelry, acrylic pours and wood turned objects. Meet the artists, enjoy snacks, beer & wine and live music at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery (ground floor) for a memorable evening. The show runs May 31 – Aug 1. The gallery is open daily 10 am – 6 pm.

Currently accepting applications for membership in all media. 928-639-4276

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