Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bassett Does Jerome: Featuring New Works of Fabled Jerome Arizona

“Bassett Does Jerome: Featuring New Works of Fabled Jerome Arizona”by Anne Bassett at Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. Opens on May 5th 2012

       Documenting the unique architecture haphazardly perched on the mountainside of this National Historic Landmark town, Anne Bassett’s blend of wild and controlled line perfectly captures the personality of Jerome. “Bassett Does Jerome” is the artist’s newest series, and will be featured at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery beginning on May 5th. 

         Raised and educated in the Valley of the Sun, the daughter of renowned artist Don Bassett, studied art at ASU in Tempe. She arrived in Jerome in 1980 and bought her historic home on “the boardwalk” of Company Hill by the end of the decade. Looking over the entire town and Verde Valley below, she has a perfect vantage point to keep an eye on her beloved community. Over the last thirty years Bassett has woven her bold personality into the fabric of Jerome. An avid participant in town politics, she’s been elected many times to the town council. Currently acting as Vice Mayor, she was recently re-elected to her next two-year council term which begins in June. Her primary focus is always what is best for the preservation and future of Jerome. 

“These artworks of Jerome are the climax of three decades of visual studies of our beautiful Town,” explains the artist, prolific at capturing the town’s structures and unique details in paint and ink. It is only fitting that the Jerome Historic Home and Building Tour will take place during the show’s run.  
“Bassett Does Jerome” was inspired by a special project, “For some years I have been planning to create a map of Jerome with each residence and business building and show the historic walkways, walls and stairs,” explains the artist, “To begin, I drew plein-air in ink scenes capturing neighborhoods. These all stand alone, but then I used them, plus all the individual building portraits I have done since 1980, plus aerial and ground photographs, to create my ink of the whole Town of Jerome! What a huge job!”

          The map also includes ink drawings of each of the front view of the town’s three commercial blocks. 
“Each of these will be available in limited-edition of 500 black and white prints on a lovely acid-free paper.
I got some of each drawing printed on superior quality watercolor paper,” says Bassett.
 After the initial drawings were complete, she returned to the sites of the area drawings with an easel and paints, “I painted each scene, set them up in my studio, and painted the big map. Another giant job!”
In addition to original works and limited edition giclée prints, open-edition archival prints of the water-colored paintings will also so be available, as well as small prints and cards. “Something for every level of art patronage!” explains Anne Bassett.
    “Bassett Does Jerome” opens on the 5th of May during Jerome’s popular first Saturday ARTwalk. 
The opening fiesta will take place from 5:30pm-8:30pm, and include refreshments and a chance to meet with the artist and discuss her invaluable documentation of the fabled town. The show will run ‘til early July at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.

For more information call 928-639-4276, or visit the gallery’s website at . 
The Jerome Artists Cooperative Galley is located at 502 Main, and open daily from 10am-6pm.


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  4. I just learned of Ann's Death. I am more than honored to have her work in my collection. I always have to smile in that I spent more on framing her work than actually buying it. I remember the first time I saw her work. I was with a friend. They were copies that she had set up in the little park in the center of town. There was one piece that I just loved. When Anne saw how taken I was with the piece, she said if I wanted it, I could get the original of "Star Apartment" for a song because it wasn't on that good paper. It was a Sunday and she arranged to have the post office opened-opnly in Jerome, lol-so I could see it. Of course, I loved it the moment I saw it. She told me what it would cost and as much as I admired it, it was out of my price range. Anne said if I was a friend of the person I was with, I could take it and just make payments. I couldn't believe it. One thing that made Anne even happier. It was in a terrible green frame that I would never use. I gave it to her which gave her a big smile! The next time I bought art from Anne, she had hit stored in the trunk of her car and I bought tight out of it. That was years ago. I always intended to get back to Jerome to see Anne. I regret now that I never made time to do it. She was a quite a character. There will never be another Anne Bassett. I am just happy to know that she also got her house in Jerome. I would have loved to see what she did with it.