Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Matter or Not


Mark Galen Lucas:  Contemporary Sculpture in Glass

The glass work of Mark Galen Lucas expresses themes familiar to many, although they may be themes that most people have not chosen to explore. However, Mark Galen Lucas does not hesitate to explore the entire spectrum of human emotion in his Contemporary Sculpture in Glass. In this solo show, “Matter or Not” the viewer is presented with a variety of emotions to contemplate. Mark Galen Lucas, a member of the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, has been working with glass since the year 2000. He is self-taught. All his work is “lampworked glass,” which means it is made using a torch.

“My inspiration,” he explains, “comes from microbiology, nature, and observing human emotion. My piece entitled, ‘Poisoned Dreams’ is about exploring the darker side of ourselves. In this work, the figure holds her heart in one hand and a snake skeleton in the other while pushing the fangs of the snake into her heart to willingly experience the darkness.” This life size sculpture took four months to complete.

“The piece entitled, ‘Molecular Self-Destruction,’ Mark continues, “is about depression. One arm of the figure is transforming into branches and flowers, whereas the other hand is pulling off the petals from the flowers, which symbolizes those parts of herself that are not allowing her to change and evolve.” This piece took thirty days to complete.

“Matter or Not” dives deeply into the themes Mark Galen Lucas explores. The complexity of his ideas and techniques brings about an experience, while viewing his work, that is both astonishing and impressive at the same time. This is a show not to be missed! With its grace and design along with its both delicate and bold themes and techniques, Mark’s work is established as a presence to be felt. Mark Galen Lucas’ show will continue at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery thru April 28th.   

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is in the old Hotel Jerome, ground level. It is Open Daily, except Tuesdays, from 10 AM – 6 PM. There will not be an art walk celebration at this time, so please visit the Co-op when you can in April. See and experience the amazing, imaginative work of Mark Galen Lucas thru April 28th.

502 Main Street   928-639-4276


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