Monday, January 29, 2024

 “Connection through Perception”

with Marsha Foutz and Jamie Kivisto

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents Jamie Kivisto and Marsha Foutz in their two-member Featured Artist show entitled, “Connection through Perception,” from Feb 3 – March 27 at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, 502 N Main St, Jerome. A reception for the artists will be held during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk on February 3 from 4 pm – 7:30 pm.

The show features paintings by Jamie Kivisto and ceramics by Marsha Foutz. Even though their mediums are different, both artists playfully comment on the human experience as a collective as well as include their personal outlooks and observations they themselves discover on their personal journeys.
Kivisto's paintings are primarily layers of acrylic paint intertwined with mixed media. She often uses a collage of text and patterns as well as spray paint in her initial layers to create a depth beyond her subject matter. It is within these layers that a story unfolds. Kivisto states, “I intentionally leave certain words and sketches from my underlayers peeking through, which allows the piece to develop a deeper meaning, usually based on my spiritual journey.”

The message can be subtle, although ultimately this feature intends to create a personal connection between the viewer and the painting. While her subject matter can range from landscape to birds, buildings and desert flora, they are all met with a unique balance of abstract and representational qualities that tie the collection together.

Foutz began sculpting ceramic chess set pieces in 1983 when she was invited to participate in a local Art show in December that year. As a result, she became a founding member of the now famous, “Made in Clarkdale” show for which she has continued making game sets ever since. Marsha states, “I love creating humor with a satirical peek into the human condition which is what helps me keep the tedious process of making the sets alive!

Each set takes at least four months to create. The pieces are sculpted from low-fire clay and then glazed and fired multiple times. It takes a very long time to finish one set! But I’m happy making them because my satirical sense of humor makes it fun! This is why my viewers also get a laugh or giggle when they see of my work.”

Over the years, Foutz has created 26 chess sets. Contrasting themes have included rich versus poor, teachers versus students, men versus women, and most recently, indigenous people versus capitalists. Her work has touched on the environment, travel, and changing attitudes and experiences throughout her life.

“Connection through Perception” welcomes viewers to not only dive deeply into the minds of these artists, but also receive just enough information to spark and evoke their own memories and narratives about life itself.

“Meet and Greet” Marsha and Jamie during Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk reception on
February 3 from 4 – 7:30 pm at the
Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery,
502 N Main St, Jerome. Open to the public.

Currently accepting applications for membership in all mediums. 928-639-4276

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