Sunday, October 4, 2009

October ArtWalk

The October ArtWalk in Jerome was a great success! The full moon rising over the Verde Valley gave everyone a beautiful view from Jerome, and the mild weather brought a bunch of people out to our awesome little town.

Sarah Harms' parents were visiting from Chicago, and enjoyed the evening. Her Dad, Gil, is chillin' here near V. Norton's display of ceramics.

Some customers check out Christy Fisher's jewelry and Raina Gentry's paintings.

The new town manager, in center of pic, Claudia (forgot her last name SORRY), came to check out the gallery and chat it up a bit.

Sarah Harms worked the front desk, while her mom kept an eye on the snack table. Thanks Mom!!!

Mary Jardine in the featured artist's room, discussing her work with Sarah's mom, Carolyn. Mary sold 13 pieces yesterday!!!!

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