Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"One Woman Show" October 24-Dec. 3rd- New works by featured artist Judy Jaaskelainen

Clarkdale resident, Judy Jaaskelainen, a popular watercolor artist, and member of the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery since 2002, presents a brand new body of art in her upcoming “One Woman Show.” The featured show opens October 24th, and runs through December 3rd.

Jaaskelainen, a vibrant spirit, grew up in California, and was young mother of 3 before she was out of her teen years. “At 64, I am the matriarch of a large and loving family. It is rare to find a family so close and dedicated to maintaining the strong bonds that unite us. We are always present for one another in crisis.”
Always artistically inclined, Jaaskelainen began painting seriously in the 1970's while living in Southern California and recuperating from spinal surgery. “My painting experience up to that time was in oils and acrylics on canvas. I began to visit galleries, art museums and exhibits and developed a deep appreciation for the art of watercolor. In essence, I was hooked. I located watercolor artists in the area whose work I felt strongly about and studied with them to develop my skills”.

Jaaskelainen graduated from Loma Linda University with a degree in Occupational Therapy. “I specialized in the treatment of patients with Spinal Cord Injury, Arthritis, and Children with Physical Disabilities.”
She is a juried member of Northern Arizona Watercolor Society, and also a member of the Arizona Watercolor Association, and Watercolor West.

"I have been painting in watercolor for over 20 years. I love the transparent properties of watercolor paints and how I can let the medium ‘do it’s thing’ on wet paper which sometimes feels like the painting is creating itself,” she says with her typical bright-eyed enthusiasm.

Where does Jaaskelainen gather her inspiration? “The natural beauty of Southwest, beautiful people in my life, beautiful animals and my sense of humor,” she says, “I usually have 2-5 paintings going at the same time and the subject matter varies, so I have more than one palette going most of the time.”

“Some of my paintings are like children showing-off for their mother with bright, bold colors that shout, ‘Hey, look at me! See how my colors bounce off the paper!’ Other of my works are tranquil and serene.”

The opening reception for “One Woman Show” is Saturday, October 24th at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, 502 Main Street from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Refreshments and food will be served. The show will run through December 3rd, and will also be the featured show during next month’s ARTwalk, November 7th

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is open daily from 10 a.m-6 p.m. and until 8 p.m. during openings and art walks. For more information, call 928-639-4276 or visit .

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